What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Latest News Feed Update

We have big big… This is… probably, I mean, what’s gonna affect marketers the most is Facebook is changing the newsfeed. Facebook is changing
the newsfeed for users to minimize the amount of content seen that is done by publishers and brands, and try to maximize the
content that’s being seen by people, and trying to
really foster the engagement amongst Facebook users. This has been a very
big point of discussion in social media marketing
world, people like, “Oh my God, what are we gonna do? “We’re gonna lose reach,
we’re gonna lose this, “we’re gonna lose that.” And the truth is, yeah, you are, specially if your content is shitty. If your content is good
and engages with people, then you’ll be rewarded. I think this is a strategy from Facebook, they realized that they’re user based and they can get engagement
on other platforms, such as Instagram, and they want to emulate
or reemulate what they had on Facebook prior. I’ll say this as well, the
minute this announcement came up, I noticed a lot more ads on Instagram. So, I don’t know if they’re trying to pull people back to
the platform or what, but definitely some big, big news and a lot of people are worried. We had probably, I probably received 10 messages
over the last week alone, from different brands,
different agencies, asking, “Hey, what are your thoughts
on the Facebook feed?” Well, what are your
thoughts about it, Justin? – [Justin] I feel the same way, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback
from people that are scared, I think, as the initial reaction here, for anyone who’s a brand- certainly for publishers here, I think that’s what I
would like to say that, for publishers it’s the scariest. If you are a particular publisher
who does a lot of videos that might just have
fly by captions on them, that sort of stuff,
then I would be scared. I think that for brands and for people that are
putting a good content, for publishers that are
still putting out good stuff that people engage with, I don’t think it’s the end of the world, I don’t think it’s time
to run around and say that the sky is falling here, I think it’s just time
to sort of reevaluate and maybe make some changes
that are gonna keep you at the top of people’s feed. It’s important to, you know, make content that people want to engage with. That was important before
this change came up, but it’s ever more important now, you need to be creating
content that people are going to share with their friends,
are going to comment on, are going to like and you need to do that in a way that’s not going
to bait people into clicking and liking and commenting on stuff. If you need to actually create stuff that people want to engage with, so I think that that’s a good thing. From the brand perspective,
I heard that tons of brands, in the past week, get really scared about what’s gonna happen to
their advertising reach. I would pump the brakes
on those fears right now, Facebook still needs to beat revenues, they still need to produce
results for their investors, and there was nothing in
Marc Zuckerberg’s statement that said that brands
would have a harder time reaching customers if
they advertised to them, there’s nothing about
advertising reach declining here. So, if you’re worried about
your ad seeing less people, I would certainly pump
the brakes on that one, let’s wait and see what happens here, we’ve got campaigns running
for tons of clients right now, we haven’t seen any blowback
as yet in any of this stuff. I think that, you know,
is one the main things to get across here. It’s very important that
they’re making these shifts, sort of putting news, I would say, into the frame zone almost, if you will, really trying to beef
up on friends, groups. The other thing that I
wanna mention is, well, I should hit harder here
on the groups’ aspects. So, groups are gonna get a lot
more share of the news feed with this new update, so if you have a group,
if you’re in a group, that’s something you
might wanna think about, if you’re using that for
marketing efforts at all. The other thing I wanna
touch on this as well is live video versus regular video. Regular video kinda took the blond end of Zuckerberg’s comments here, despite them having
promoted video, you know, really hard for the past two years, he says that, passive
watching videos is really not what they’re going for anymore, but live videos are still
going to see a lot of attention within the feed, because
they get a lot of engagement from people in real time, and they get a lot of people
liking and sharing them, and commenting, and
interacting with the people. So, one way that you can
definitely sort of beat the outer, if you will, and stay
on top of this update, is double down your efforts
on creating live video, I think that that’s gonna be
a big part of staying on top of the news feed changes, maybe we just wanna call it the feed now, as opposed to newsfeed, because
I think that it’s gonna get a lot more friendly and a lot less newsy. If we look at this in the long-term, I’m not sure how you feel about the long-term effects of this Jordan, but you know, short-term perspective, I think it is scary and
that’s why Facebook’s stock has dropped 5% when they announced this, which is, by the way, $25 billion in value in the company that it dropped in one day. But in the long-term, if
you look at this long-term, I think them going back to their roots and focusing on, you know, showing content that is from friends,
groups you care about, really trying to get you to
engage with the platform, I think that’s probably
the right way to go. They don’t wanna be a
company that’s hated, that is seen as this place where fake news is showing everywhere, it’s just basically a hub for people to passively watch the day go by, I don’t think that’s what Facebook wants, they don’t wanna another
crisis on their hands, so they’re trying to take this head on and I think that’s probably
a good look for them in the long-term.

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