Hi everyone this is Kerry Cassidy from
Project Camelot and well I’ve got a strange goings on today I was going to
be having a conversation with Robert David Steele who initiated it with me
however he then found out he is not supposed to cover anything to do with
space and as our topics are going to obviously cover things in space around
space and from space he is not going to be able to join us after all so I’m here
on my own for the moment and I will have a chat room here if I can kind of figure
that out and you can ask me questions etc but what I’m going to do here is
kind of cover what’s been going on because it’s really a wild time we’re
going through right now and I’ve got my website over here in the right hand side
and that’s what I’m going to be referring to so it should still be a
quite an interesting show we’ll cover the same kinds of things that actually
Robert and I were going to cover anyway so that that should be should be just
fine anyway so what I’m going to do is kind
of give a rundown now I want to direct everyone to go to my front page and to
look at the latest article that I put on there and if you wouldn’t mind because
that will give you a heads up on what I’m going to discuss here and then I’ve
got some notes that I’m also going to use to go over all the different topics
because as you can obviously appreciate we have a full plate in terms of what
has been hitting the airwaves and the news and so on and it’s it’s really wild
and crazy so to start off with obviously there’s been a recent disclosure
announcement by Tom DeLonge and for those of you who aren’t familiar with
that news I suggest you just do a search under his last name he’s a member of I
think a band and the band is called I think it’s called blink 180 but don’t
quote me on that I actually don’t have the name of his band in front of me and
I don’t know the music so I apologize for that he has gotten very involved in
this whole disclosure story and so he is now banding up with a couple of well
with several sort of heavy hitters you might say and they’re doing something
called to the stars and this is an organization he’s starting apparently in
order to try to cover what’s going on on the planet to do with developing free
energy really I would say is maybe they’re big focused they’ve got an an
illustrious scientist who is hold on one second because I’ve got a whole list of
stuff here for four who’s involved but it’s okay I’ve got its how cou Dolph is
one of the main people involved and I I don’t I apologize I’m going to have to
be searching around while I’m talking here because I’ve got information in a
lot of different places there’s a gym semi man who’s come forward and has
supposedly been working for the CIA although Dan Smith who is a commentator
and a person who is somewhat read in to some degree on the secret space program
by way of his friend Ron Pandolfi is is contesting whether or not jimsim even is
indeed who he says he is which i think is kind of interesting and i if you go
in wikipedia Jim semi van his name it does appear that he is who he says he is
at least he’s certainly in public out there and under his that name
so on so whether that’s his real name or what discrepancy is going on there I
don’t know I can say that this is a very interesting dynamic how put off of
course is associated with SR I Ingo Swan and the whole remote viewing situation
that was coming out of Stanford University a well Stanford research and
that’s SR I am Stanford Research Institute so for him to get on board
with Tom DeLonge is an interesting maneuver I think this may come out of an
altruistic side to pal I see this in a good light on the house part and that he
wants to be part of something to move the information in the secret space
program into the mainstream so that’s what’s going on I think for him he has
been active in a huge way to do with free energy in the background and he has
signed numerous security oaths etc I’m sure and he is I forget his name in the
aviary but he’s one of the head eight what they call aviary and he’s been
active behind the scenes in the UFO context as well I have had some brief I
guess dialogue with him in the past around early days of Project Camelot and
and but I don’t know him well now there are other players that are being
mentioned here and again gonna go back to my notes so I get some of the names
right now I don’t have everybody’s name I do apologize for that so we have Lu
Alessandro or Alice Ando is going to be their so-called head of security and he
says he’s dealt with what are they’re calling them they they’re calling UFOs
by a different name I think unidentified threats I think he
called it something like that which is quite wild and
and interesting they don’t want they don’t want to use the word UFO I guess
because of the stigma attached so that they can kind of try to get out from
under the problem of being well among the the mainstream sort of investigators
such as myself and others who have been investigating this subject for many many
years but on top of it there is of course the huge litany Project Blue Book
Project grunge and various other investigations the rants Rand Institute
and certainly to have a stock in Britain all investigating you of those many
people will know the many witnesses that have come forward over time certainly
Phil Schneider and William Cooper among some of the most well-known luminaries
in this subject matter others more recently Linda Moulton Howe
rich Dolan and many many others really too numerous to mention here but you if
you’re a man or an observer of Project Camelot you will know what I’m talking
about so all of a sudden they want to call this
unidentified threats I think is something of the the nomenclature that
they’re talking about here interesting avoidance of the subject
matter trying to put some kind of quasi professional Sheen mainstream sheen on
this disclosure called to the stars then they talk about an actual incident
that’s on the video that Tom DeLonge released and that’s available on YouTube
so you can find it I’ve also linked it on my page on this subject matter and it
is on the to the stars articles so you can go that I could go to that article
on Project Camelot portal com you can also use Project Camelot TV to
get to that website and we have two URLs going the same place now because people
have been complaining that they are blocking us in various countries so what
we have again is this high profile team of scientists and intelligent since
agents as well as Department of Defense and aerospace engineers and I don’t have
their list right in front of me I can probably find it in a little bit here
and and get some other names but they do give a small vignette where they
actually describe I guess it’s a UFO encounter with the nimitz which I
thought was pretty a kind of an amusing thing because they’re they’re choosing
one UFO encounter out of obviously millions and pretending or acting as
though this is an unidentified flying object and I have to tell you that the
secret space program and as a result of the people that are on this panel I have
to give them credit to be at least knowledgeable about the secret space
program and I can tell you that they know exactly most likely what kind of
craft it was where it comes from and the occupants so it’s not really a UFO it’s
not really an unidentified aerial threat as as Alice and oh I guess however you
say his name Elizondo is claiming on that video so it’s it’s unfortunate but
you have a disclosure with lies right out the gate but it is a kind of a you
could call it a semi official disclosure again sort of going back to the William
Tompkins disclosures that were sort of backed by a portion of the Navy where he
actually disclosed that he was reporting to Bobby Ray Inman Admiral of the Navy
Bobby Ray Inman very well-known name and that at that time of course those in the
know will know that William Tompkins has since passed on whether that was of
natural causes or not I’m not sure and one can always question that however he
did do a lot of disclosures while he was do
doing that job and he clearly made it very obvious that he was under direction
he was under control of the story was under the control of one assumes Bobby
Ray Inman at the top and whether there are people above Inman or in indeed ETS
who are helping to orchestrate this whole what this push to disclosure is in
question and must be considered so what is my premise here my premise is that
all of the news every single thing you’re hearing all the false Flags the
fires in Northern California the Vegas happening you name it all is the result
of a push by the ETS who are now coming forward I believe in not just one race
although the evidence that have is only about one race which is the Reptoids and
that comes visa vie mark Richards however the bottom line is that if you
look at the news and you do not consider the et side of it you do not consider
that our military is at war with various ET races and as a matter of fact has
been for quite some time that there are dissension in the ranks and that if you
go back to the testimony of William Tompkins you will see very quickly that
the Nazis were of course helped by a race from Aldebaran a race of reptilians
as well and that there were some Pleiadians who were helping at least at
the time of William Tompkins sort of contribution to the secret space
aerospace program through Hughes aerospace and other NASA and and during
that the Apollo landings etc so even back in those days we were being helped
by ETS that means when I say et’s races that some of which may reside inside the
earth in Inner Earth as some people call it
some maybe an underground bases of sorts et underground bases et undersea bases
some of those beings may consider earth their home and then of course the ones
that have gone out to the various galaxies come from various galaxies of
course Draco being one of the more notorious and of course the Reptoids who
are human reptilian hybrids and they are causing a great deal of problems here on
earth they are backing certain governments and not others and they of
course were backing the Nazis back in the day of course if you followed the
work of Jim Marrs and Joseph Farrell you will know that
the Fourth Reich is alive and well here in the United States and being
orchestrated as such and of course kudos to Jim Marrs who did pass on but
contributed a great deal to this story that we have that goes far beyond what
the people behind the scenes understandably of to the Stars this
organization started again by Tom DeLonge and who which is currently doing
some disclosure of a very let’s say complex kind that involves some truth in
some falsity unfortunately this is in part of necessity one imagines because I
don’t think they will have the blessing of the whole secret space program that
means that they’ve got the Illuminati side the side that is run by probably
predominantly Satanists and then the other side which may be considered as
the bush cabal or a rockefeller contingent whether and where the
overlaps may happen who are Satanists within those groups and who are just
plain Nazis or fascists however you want to term them is unclear we don’t know
those necessary divisions and alliances but we do know that the secret space
program is orchestrated in our part by individuals who are members
of both those groups and this gets into the child trafficking and the sort of
Satanist agenda if you will that dovetails perfectly if you think about
it with the reptilian agenda and the Reptoids and what they’re doing to take
over Earth here and having to do with sucking the energy of humans killing
humans for food using there are juices for for aphrodisiacs etc and so for
torture and other kinds of you know sacrificial types exercises all of this
is a combination of the as I say the agenda of the Satanists and the agenda
of the Reptoids that does completely coincide the Reptoids being the more you
might say Nazi side of things and the Satanists being the more vampiric side
of things there are other races such as the let’s see the well you would say the
Mantis beings are mantids and also there are some dragon moths that have is
another race that has come to the fore a lot of the races are even unknown and I
would say that’s true of the secret space program as well what we’re talking
about is of course the deep state being involved being in to some degree having
a need-to-know but quite possibly being read in on certain certain individuals
being more read in than others as you can appreciate and the President of the
United States I do want to clarify because some researchers sorry some
researchers are of the misconception that the president is the highest man on
the totem pole so to speak in this sort of scenario and it’s that’s
simply not the case so just want to make that very very clear this has been known
for many many years the president in his office comes and
goes every four years as such he simply does not from the point of view of the
Illuminati and of course the the various races does not have a need-to-know on
that level he’s a useful person to them he is a
frontman and he will be given a certain amount of information and I imagine it’s
a constant state of frustration for whoever holds that office during the
time they’re in office because they are relatively ineffective they must do more
or less what they’re told and of course President Kennedy being
perhaps the last and only one who attempted to do things outside the box
and we know what happened to him so this is a ongoing story the reason I’m
bringing all of this up is again because of these recent disclosures of the to
the stars agenda and this is a public agenda you can go to their website you
can see the players involved some of them appear to be aerospace executives
one who was part of skunk works and I don’t know if I have his name I may have
his name somewhere here and can quickly get it let’s see it was I don’t know
there’s a one person Christopher Mellon Senate state I’m not sure if he is one
of the people involved there on the stage I have a somewhere I did have a
list of everybody who is on stage and I know it’s kind of frustrating but you
can get that list and I do have a print out on another computer that has that
list as well at any rate one of the people is an executive an aerospace
executive from I imagine Hughes aerospace and now part of Lockheed
Martin and what’s called skunk works and he is someone who in theory will be very
well read into the secret space program to the kinds of Technology
have and are using today so what you’ve got when you’ve got an organization like
this is individuals who are you might say straddling two worlds on the one
hand they have been heavily involved in the secret space program they are
trusted by that program they are under security oaths by that program and they
are at the same time attempting to do a form of disclosure soft disclosure as I
call it being orchestrated at least in the front of this the scenario by Tom
DeLonge but clearly he is under orders and under control of the program itself
in the division which is handling this self disclosure and so what does that
mean that means that they are going to be carefully monitoring everything these
individuals say and do which of course they have been monitored their whole
lives since they’ve been chosen to be part of the program but this will be an
added level and it is an interesting role that they’re having to play it’s
not going to be an easy role to attempt to be part of an organization that is
supposed to be bringing what is in essence the technology they have been
using for over 60 years to the public to actually try to move humans along the
line so that that we can become really what is in essence a 21st century you
know century civilization instead of one that is really nothing has changed other
than the internet and the degree of surveillance if you go back to the 1960s
it’s virtually the same life people are living the exact same way there’s a very
little change for most of humanity along these lines and of course the gap
between the rogue civilization what is in essence now a rogue civilization and
which is the secret space program that is constantly dealing with various ETA
is fighting with them conducting wars against some of them having allies
allied relationships with them having huge meetings United Nations kinds of
meetings where they have treaty discussions treaties that get broken
periodically along the lines and all of this being orchestrated under the noses
behind the backs of humanity who is not sharing in any of the technology the
advanced technology the ultra advanced technology that these people the humans
that are involved in this these programs on and off the planet are party to and
so you can appreciate how we have deserts that could be turned into into
Greenland’s and basically you know lush places where there can be plenty of
water people could live etc so we have no population problem on the earth at
all this is a a scarcity agenda that is a misconception and even people that
have been read into the secret space program are convinced of this scarcity
agenda because it’s been drummed into their heads over and over again but it
simply is incorrect it’s just not real we don’t have scarcity scarcity is an
illusion humans in fact have the opposite problem if anything we are so
creative so endlessly creative that we could with very little trouble with if
you took the reptilian domination away from planet Earth at this exact moment
the whole place would change drastically and of course if you revealed the
ability to tap into things like what in essence is being talked about things
like you know energy from water certainly plasma physics and free what
is called free energy or zero-point energy so there is so much out there all
disease could be healed and our age the amount of time we live with could be
extended indefinitely etc so it’s an endless
amount of things that are going on again in the secret space program that are
part of this rogue civilization that they are now being pushed to disclose on
a more rapid timeline than previously I can also say that for background to this
information I’m giving you you must watch all of the time the Project
Camelot interviews especially with what are called whistleblowers and those
cross many disciplinary areas and so what you can do is learn a great deal by
adding and connecting the dots and this is really what all I’m doing it’s not
rocket science it’s quite easy to do but what I find is that most people out
there regardless of how much study they do and this includes my so-called
colleagues in this sector do not have the ability to connect the dots because
they are not paying attention especially to some of the most important witnesses
out there and that has to do with obviously people like William Tompkins
people like Mark Richards captain Mark Richards who I’ve interviewed in prison
now seven times and all those interviews are available in Project Camelot and
many many more in other words if you’re not following the story and connecting
the dots the through line from the beginning of the story until now then
you don’t understand what is happening you do not understand what is going on
when the Illuminati decide to conduct a false flag operation when they decide to
test a weapon such as they are doing in Northern California when they decide to
clear off certain areas of ground sort of a slash-and-burn mentality which is
what they’ve done in a portion of Santa Rosa area in other words you do not
understand the bigger picture you don’t understand why they’re doing this and so
you can’t even believe that they are doing it that it’s being orchestrated
but it is and in fact what you really need is a map
of the globe and you need to put in you know pins and so it’s kind of like going
to Mel Gibson and that conspiracy theory movie in essence I should have on my
wall a huge map of the world world with all these pins where all the false flags
have been conducted over the last ten years starting or even not even starting
with 9/11 going prior to ten to 9/11 which would be before ten years and so
on so we’re really talking about a huge scenario a huge strategic map a plan and
if you don’t understand what your enemy is doing what they’re thinking is then
you can’t possibly get to the bottom of the crimes being committed against you
and humanity on a regular basis and of course this is what everyone is trying
to do everyone in YouTube is trying to you know explain and understand that
what the orchestration behind the scenes they’re trying to follow the clues and I
appreciate that approach however if you don’t have the wider perspective you
have no context and if you have no context then you don’t know how one
thing length leaks – it links to another note links to another now later today I
will be having paladin a white hat as they call themselves basically a group
that had decided to go into investigating the paperwork the paper
trail that revealed the financial backing of the secret space program the
deep state if you want to call it that as well and they have revealed in their
documentation a great deal of the orchestration through what are called
high-yield trading programs that have been talked about to some degree in my
interviews with them I’ve had paladin on my show he’s also written a blog a guest
blog on my site but the white hats I think they’re their website is now
called the white hat reports.com if I have the URL right but you can
the link we’ll put it on it’s actually on my advertisement that you can see
over here where it says palette and the white hat and that is again something
that is being us we’re gonna that we’re going to be discussing and well he is is
a one of those white hats so he’s a forensic financial investigator and he
will be helping people to understand the backing of the financial story let’s say
behind the Vegas shootings and why that incident or orchestrated event is part
of a whole false flag network now last night on my show we had on very good
investigators which is dr. Jim Fetzer and also dr. Scott Bennett both of whom
have been revealing the all of the evidence behind the scenes that that
documents the fact that Vegas is a controlled situation that it was
orchestrated that it was not a lone gunman that paddock is by all
appearances a what we call a Manchurian Candidate a patsy and it’s even possible
that he never even fired a gun and and so on so we’ve got a look below the
surface in a deeper way than what’s going on on YouTube right now people
have to start understanding that our military has been fighting with various
races of ETS behind the scenes and that these ETS have the ability to wipe the
minds and to disconnect your consciousness in such a way that you do
not recall seeing them and this goes for soldiers on a battlefield
whether it’s Vietnam with the spider beings and you can watch my prior shows
to see more about that or whether it’s the Reptoids who are building stargates
in the Middle East and who are the reason there is a constant battle going
on in the Middle East at least partially because they are very much
Isis is at their beck and call Isis is reporting to them by way of the
CIA and you must understand that the CIA has many loyalties they are not just
involved with one sort of master if you will see CIA is now a worldwide
organization and they have many divisions some of whom are actually at
war with the other other parts of their company and then of course it’s to say
nothing of the NSA and their their role in all of this nothing can be considered
without understanding the deeper alien on and off planet et whatever you want
to call them scenario and I have a whole list of stuff here to go into so I’m
going to continue to talk and so hopefully this is just not going to go
on forever because you know I have so much stuff and it’s it’s actually it’s
it’s amazing how how never-ending it sort of starts to get after you’ve been
doing this as I’ve been for over eleven and a half years going down the rabbit
hole as the saying goes so we can say let me see if I can kind of back up just
a bit here so first of all we’ve got the disclosure being pushed by reptilians
and I’ve written an article about this this is something that Mark Richards
said to me in one of my recent interviews with him he said that that
the Reptoids were underground causing a lot of the battles in Aleppo to escalate
and that they were pushing coming to the surface and actually revealing their
presence because they believe that it will create a chaos on planet earth and
that is because humans are so completely in the dark as to what’s really going on
that most of them would sort of I guess the theory is panic and lose their minds
you know so this is the kind of thing that has been talked about of course in
the past that you can’t handle the truth while I firmly believe
that humans can handle the truth it’s actually false city that they can’t
handle that’s it’s natural to our to what resonates resonance has to do with
health and truth resonates therefore falsity does not resonate and falsity
will give you this ease and disease is a result of that so if we can start to
understand the humans benefit from truth not just psychologically and mentally
but health-wise then we’re going to be on in a much better situation and here
on planet Earth and so getting the truth out is really you know a vote for for
health of the human race and they are in great need of healing at this time
needless to say so so that’s that’s what really the effort is in part here to
raise awareness to have people understand that if there are battles
going on eons for eons with the Anunnaki in the Middle East and other races and
why we are at odds with Iran and the races that Iran is associated with and
why we are actually already at war with North Korea because North Korea has been
backed by a certain ET race and our real war is with that ET race and not
necessarily the North Koreans so this is what we have to start to understand
about the wars going on here on and off the planet that we are part of those
wars that there have been being conducted behind our backs and our
soldiers are dying in them they’re being utilized in them their minds are being
wiped but nonetheless they are fighting those wars on our behalf and it is very
vitally important that humans start to come awake and aware and the fact that
Robert David seal was unable to join me on this broadcast in spite of the fact
that I sent him this information before the broadcast he was in full
consciousness about it however he got direction from outside one can
imagine knowing that he is a member of a certain group and he is himself working
as a good guy really to disclose certain information but he has found that the as
we say the secret space the real story about the et intervention here on planet
Earth is something that he’s not allowed to elaborate on in spite of the fact
that he did go on Alex Jones and allude to it and he never backed off what he
stated which is that he understood there to be ten thousand humans on Mars who
were never coming home some of whom were sent there as children so this is the
kind of information that if you do not put that together with things like the
fires in Northern California the fact that that is a directed-energy weapon it
appears that it may be a laser-based directed-energy weapon there’s a very
good video that i’ve linked on my website and has has to do with that i
made a post to that recently and there is more to this story but it appears
they’re also trying to re locate those humans that were located on pieces of
land in northern california where the value has gone up its skyrocket rocketed
because of in part the wine the sort of value of the wine from northern
california and the fact that they settled there prior to that sort of
explosion if you want to call it and there may be another deeper message
behind the scenes to do with the slash-and-burn that’s going on in
northern california having to do with the et presence this also links up with
the reason for the Hurricanes that were directed weapons at the United States by
the United States so it’s important to know that there’s a portion of the
United States Illuminati that were fully on board to directing those weapons on
their own Shores in order to decimate certain areas of Florida excetera
and in various places Puerto Rico Islands and so on in other words this
story involves a war with the United States a war with the part of the free
part of the United States that involves trying to get your guns away from you so
that you cannot defend yourself and your family against the invasion of the
various races of ETS the various invasion era forces possibly coming from
China and North Korea in the future and possibly even going on now behind our
backs etc so this is this war that is being
conducted is orchestrated and again if you do not link these things together
you’re not going to get the context you are not going to understand what is
really going on and I want to applaud my colleagues who have begun to become more
aware such as Linda Moulton Howe and have begun to have more courage to speak
out about the et presence here on planet earth that’s very valuable she is doing
a good service as our others some of whom are much more knowledgeable than
they make out to be and who have been I would say sort of pussyfooting around
the real invasion scenario because they don’t want to be seen to be I guess
going against the mainstream or not having the following that they currently
have or whatever their fears are unfortunately it means that they are not
being completely truthful to you but that’s the way things go so it’s
important to understand that there are members of my sort so-called colleagues
who are as knowledgeable as I am or nearly so I would say so again what what
I’m talking about here is the context now there is a book by David Jacobs who
recently he’s a he’s an investigator a person who’s been
I guess regressing people of the abductees for many many years and his
work is very well known he has been highlighted lighting of
course the gray ET invasion the gray human hybrids that have been coming to
earth and have been which human females have facilitated this this sort of
invasion against their will obviously being abducted etc some of course are
willing participants may even be related by DNA etc however David Jacobs has
written a new book called walking among us I have invited him for an interview
and not gotten an answer which is something that happens pretty often so I
don’t know if it’s because the people aren’t getting the information in other
words they’re not getting my emails or whether they you know don’t appreciate
my work or whether they are actually afraid to come on my show and or they
simply don’t don’t don’t appreciate the work so I’m not sure what’s going on or
whether it’s my emails have been what you might call waylaid or by the secret
space program in the deep state etc so I want to say that David Jacobs has
written a book called walking among us and I highly recommend it and I want to
say that it is all about how grey human hybrids are being taught how to deal
with humanity and how to how to mix with the human race here on earth how they
are being trained by abductees etc so there is a very nefarious agenda going
on with respect to the grey human hybrids and other hybrid races that are
infiltrating the rate they you know the planet at this time and have been for
quite some time there have been genetic experiments
going on endlessly and our military has been fully involved in a lot of them
there is said to be a positive side to this sort of hybridization I guess you
might say of humanity and humans are already et
hybrids so this is like an expansion on that scenario so it’s like taking a
hybrid race and further hybridizing it and that’s what’s going on there are
lots of implications to these actions on behalf of the secret space program and
the various ET races some of whom operate in violation of treaties with
the secret space program and have been doing so for years so why does that
matter because it’s important to understand that these wars that are
being fought are being fought both on and on off the planet that some of the
secrets you know super soldiers are being used as you might say go-betweens
some are hybrids themselves some come from other races they have agendas and
those races are not necessarily here operating for the benefit of humanity
so they’re called sleeping abductees or sleeping mentoring candidates sleeping
assassins these are all part of this scenario so it’s time that people start
to put the pieces together in a real way not just a superficial way and start to
understand that there’s nothing going on on planet earth that does not involve
our ET heritage that does not involve our constant interactions every day with
individuals who are of varying degrees of off-planet bloodlines and myself
included we are all members of various ET races and we relate and are also
loyal to those races some of us without conscious you know thought about it
being more programmed than anything this is a very common occurrence of course so
when you’re dealing with a human you’re dealing with another race you’re dealing
with multiple races in fact because as a hybrid we are a blend of those
races we are a blend of the positive qualities of those races as well as the
negative qualities and if you are dealing with somebody who you
instinctually do not trust and do not like it means that you may be on a
subliminal level aware that they come from a race that is your natural enemy
if you want to call it that off planet so this is a whole different way of
understanding what it is to be human here on planet earth and since 2012 the
gloves are off we are an ascension planet we are fully qualified and I
refer you to the work of ASEAN adine on my front page you can find the books
that I have linked on the front page there and I also want to say that let’s
see if I can bring them up on the screen here it’s kind of an interesting dynamic
trying to work two computers at once but I think this will work so there’s a guy
named Robert tisk and I think that’s how you say his last name as well as Osseo
Nadeem so you see right here on my website on the front page if you haven’t
read these books you are uninformed and you are not prepared to understand the
bigger picture of what’s going on on planet earth so on a very nuts-and-bolts
way what Robert tisk did who is a former television producer is he went on to the
Internet and gathered a great deal of the of the information to do with Dulce
and the various races involved with Dulce as well as the human ET wars going
on behind the scenes to do with the military etc and he writes about it in a
way in which i think is very easy for the common person to understand Oceania
Dene however her books are much more complex they do outline ret human
heritage going back eons and off-planet and the various wars between the races
except again required reading if you want to
get one of these books is is now available as a PDF it’s the second
version it’s a let’s see you call it it’s been a rerelease of volume 2 and
that’s $20 as a PDF so you can easily purchase it and you can click I think
it’s the book on the right here on my website to get that and the one on the
left has been available I think it’s around twenty seven dollars as a
hardback I don’t believe it’s in you know PDF form so what’s happening here
is that these individuals have put together a huge history of the things
that Pam lot has been interviewing witnesses over now for many years in
bits and pieces and so if you put all these this information together you’re
going to start to understand the real war going on here on planet Earth
the fact that we have very positive ET races who are very much trying to keep
us alive and then we have other races that are helping to conduct the wars and
are working behind the scenes to actually sabotage our our secret space
program and this in fact was backed up by the testimony of William Thompkins
before he died now I’m going to actually go off-camera briefly here while I do
some investigation I need to try to bring a couple things onto my desktop
for the next part of this discussion so bear with me we’ll just take a short
break here so stand by okay some back so I was hoping to be
able to bring on the screen this information about what the members of
the Tom DeLonge group are actually who they are affiliated with etc and I’ve
got some of that information now for you and I want to discuss that so my
previous section has been all about the et human sort of interaction here on
planet earth and how these false flags are part of all of that and there’s a
lot to that story more than I have time to go into here
today but I’m going to attempt to bring in a few other sort of facts and various
information to augment what I’ve already been talking about here so in terms of
going to use my other computer here there is according to DeLong these are
the backgrounds of the people that he’s had on stage for one thing some of whom
who didn’t say anything actually I don’t think but who are written about on his
website so he says he has a former deputy assistant secretary of defense
for intelligence a former senior intelligence officer of the CIA and then
the former advanced systems director of Lockheed Mark Martin’s skunk works the
former director of programs to investigate unidentified aerial threats
in other words UFOs for the US government
that’s the a Lysander a person and a group of distinguished physicists among
which I believe how Buda is a member and that he says they have a genetic
and I’m not molecular biologist and those people I believe her talked about
on the website but were not on stage and then he calls himself an award-winning
storyteller and maybe is referring to the author of his book that was out
there recently called secret machines which I did read and it’s you know it’s
a fair effort at a sort of a quasi sci-fi type of a you know disclosure on
a very rudimentary mentary level and I appreciate the effort you know making
movies is nothing new in this area and disclosing information through the
movies of course so you know that Hollywood has been doing this forever
and any movie you see in fact that especially ones involving a sci-fi
scenario are going to be disclosing some of this information that I’ve been
talking about acting as though you know they’re there sort of plausible
deniability aspect of that is that they can say that it’s oh it’s just in a
movie and so it’s not real on the contrary if it’s in a movie it’s quite
possibly and most most definitely real and in fact if humans have flawed
thought of it it probably exists somewhere in some galaxy if not our own
so you could kind of look at the world in a much more open-minded way if you
consider that so what we’re talking about here are individuals who are going
to come forward and they have left their former jobs because they’re all former
right they’re not current and this is again a sort of a slight break away or a
division from the deep state a slash what we call the secret space program
and secret government so that they can divorce themselves if necessary if these
people and their efforts come to no avail
etc so so this is the way our government is choosing to disclose
at this time there’s another aspect to this that has happened recently in fact
there was just an article today in a British newspaper rich which really
harks back to another to this woman who is apparently had come out she is
related to pence by way of a marriage I think of her daughter somebody I’m not
sure I forget the exact relationship anyway she is someone who was in
involved in running for office her relation the the relation that she has
in her family is related to the two pence I don’t know if it’s someone
married to one of his son a son or a daughter of something of this nature I
don’t have that information in front of me I can get it if necessary I think it
was in the telegraph today again part of a kind of ongoing soft disclosure to try
to get people to understand that this person for example has been claiming to
she was abducted many years ago I believe her original testimony came out
in 2009 and now it’s coming out on the paper again this is all to back up this
soft disclosure that DeLong is part of and that these individuals who have
resigned from their jobs apparently to support this effort and to try to create
a bridge to bring the secrets into the mainstream in such a way that they will
not be well let’s say you know lynched by mobs for the number of Secrets they
have kept from humanity for so long to the detriment of humanity on my dad so
it’s understandable that they’re trying to disclose because they have to because
the ETS are basically saying time is up the reptilians are doing this forcefully
there are various other races even according to the Oceana Dean’s second
edition which said that in 2017 they would be revealing themselves so you can
appreciate that this is October of 2017 that they don’t have many months left
so that in essence if they don’t disclose if the humans don’t disclose
the ETS will do it for them is is really the threat and that’s that’s really
interesting I mean we’re we’re kind of in a in an interesting situation as a
result of this kind of pressure but it’s a natural pressure because we are fully
and totally a part of a galactic community at this time we are no longer
off bounds to any races if we ever were and there’s some discussion as to
whether or not indeed there was a prevention for complete invasion I know
there would has been a protection to humans do you allow this genome to
develop to a certain extent but all gloves are off as I say now and have
been since 2012 since we became an ascension planet and this is crucial
what does that mean that means the stargates are fully operational that
means that some of those stargates can actually take you off planet and into
higher dimensions permanently so you could call it an escape hatch if you
will some people believe that incarnation is a form of slavery
I believe it’s voluntary but nonetheless regardless of how you think about it the
fact that there is a war over these stargates and there has been a war over
stargates on planet Earth and over portals and over the portal technology
and technology such as Looking Glass which we discussed with dan burisch many
many years ago and has been operational on planet earth and this is time travel
technology technology by which they can see their future such as yellowbook and
other technology that has also been shared with and and gotten from the
various ETA races in addition to their other technologies involving weapon
things that can be turned into weapon systems things that already were weapon
systems and so on so all of this must be disclosed
humanity must become aware as a total unit on planet earth in other words it’s
not going to be good enough in my view for us to go forward as a planet with
some of the people on the planet fully I guess 80 to 90 percent being completely
into the dark as to what the hell they’re doing here and what we’re part
of so it’s time that people start to recognize that and my efforts have of
course been along these lines for many many years as have others and I applaud
every one of them regardless of how even superficial in some cases their efforts
may have been so now I just want to go down this list further because I have
more details to talk about and go back to this ok I just lost this document not
sure why that happened at any rate I can take it off the top of my head if
necessary I can say that Wow ok it’s things always happen for a
reason ok well at any rate what I want to do is
also talk about my recent interview with Courtney brown and dad Smith about the
remote viewing of 10 duska and area 51 if you haven’t seen that show I highly
recommend it and I do want to say that during that show
Courtney reveals something that he’s never done before and it’s quite a
substantial reveal and it does tally right along with this soft disclosure
which is now gaining ground you could say and he said that all of his remote
viewing and viewers have been able to be helped along in their process by ETS and
this is to me a no-brainer not surprising I can
certainly say that I have always been helped in Project Camelot by the various
ETS beyond the scenes who are helping me as well as human you know as people on
the human side assisting me and I am not surprised that there’s et help for
Courtney’s team but as a matter of fact his disclosure came as a surprise to –
Smith who apparently had never been told that by Courtney until he said it on the
air on my show now why does that matter what it means is that the viewers who
are using basically military protocols to Remote View both past and future
events and he’s been doing this program for quite a while have actually had et
help and this is only one program so if this is a public program of remote
viewers I hope that you can make the leap the understanding that the
military’s government’s have been using remote viewers now ever since the
techniques were discovered if you want to call it that to say nothing of
psychics and so on telepaths so on so forth in other words these individuals
who are able to cross time and space with their minds with their
consciousness and to report back this is something that the military have course
been doing the American military the Russian military Chinese the Indians
from India the the you know all the different country you can appreciate
have remote viewers you would be a completely stupid government if you
didn’t have military remote viewers on your staff and it’s also a very
extensive part of this war with various et races and on an off the planet
between viewers who are also remote viewing incidents in the past as well as
looking at the future and it’s important to understand the
this revelation by Courtney Brown will be something that is true also for the
et sorry for the human remote viewers in various military programs who no doubt
are being assisted by ETS and I can tell you that the the secret space program is
well aware that I am being assisted by ETS and proof of that can be found in
one of the latest incidents that happened to me a few months ago several
months ago I was supposedly invited to do an audition for the military well
sorry for ostensibly a television show and this show is going to supposedly be
like another you know aliens you know ancient aliens or whatever kind those
various kind of reality type shows and they wanted to interview me supposedly
for it the topic they had chosen had to do with the Grand Canyon and that’s a
very interesting topic and as many people will know there’s a lot of
controversy and mystery around what is in the Grand Canyon and suppose a gold
that is buried in the Grand Canyon that Phoenix actually entire City of Phoenix
actually sits on whether is the next essence civilization that looked a lot
like Egypt and so there’ll be incredible monuments and buildings etc that are all
buried at this time that the military is fully aware of by the way and so on so
this has a historical precedent and so on and so they ostensibly asked me for
an interview then they they had me come down to San Diego where they had rented
a studio that was basically in the outer limits of San Diego that was run by two
very experienced camera people people that were you know very okay my network
well okay this this is just my other computer having sort of logged
itself out so that’s what’s happening there anyway I was brought down to this
place and I was interviewed for two hours on camera and this basically this
agent who I believe is you know member of the CIA sat opposite me a short
distance away right next to the camera that was focused on me there were no
other people auditioning I was the only one and they basically had me sort of
peppered me with questions for non-stop for two hours or longer and all about
the Grand Canyon and what I might know about that and the fact is I had written
to them ahead of time saying actually if you want to do this this program then
you sorry about this let me see if I can do this other computer to work because I
have this okay I lost my connection really helpful okay let me see what can
I do hold on a second there’s another way to do this okay so now use the the
YouTube thing because it’s the other one isn’t working right so in essence they
interviewed me for it for two hours as they say ostensibly so that they could
you know basically find out what I know but I told them that I know very little
which is more or less true I shared whatever I did know however the
bottom line is I believe they were trying to get the sort of et side of the
things of information that flows through me that’s what they were really trying
to tap into and and so they were using this ploy because they know I want to
make a television show to invite me into a studio to pretend that it was going to
be a television show and so and so forth when in fact the whole thing was just
you know in order to find out what I no in essence not to find out what I
know but to find out what my et contacts know so this is the kind of thing going
on and this of course happens to abductees all the time they may not
realize that’s what’s really happening when they re abducted by the military
after being abducted by the ETS in the first place so this type of thing
Melinda Leslie can tell you goes on all the time it’s an interesting dynamic and
again these are the ways in which it’s important to understand that if we have
billions of galaxies and billions of planets whether their earthly like or
not of which a huge number are then inevitably there’s going to be life
millions and trillions of life forms and those life forms cannot all be known by
the military industrial complex or the secret space program and those various
ETS are contacting them in some cases but in many cases they’re dealing
directly with the humans and three of the humans here on planet earth and so
that puts the military in a very disadvantaged position so they must keep
contact with you they must surveil you they must try to get as much information
from you as possible otherwise they cannot possibly do their job as they see
it to defend the planet Earth if that is their objective and in other cases to
combat some of these races to go to war with some of these races to prevent
entree by these races and all of that is very difficult when these races don’t
necessarily even need craft in order to make contact they can simply come
through a portal and this is going on constantly and humans themselves are a
form of portal we are a spiraling portal of energy that has again resonance and
our Makabe what is called the Merkava is a form of a portal it is a craft it
is a non-physical crap but nonetheless it goes into the interdimensional and
this is what we’re capable of we are time travelers of course by nature so I
understand that I’m jumping around a lot and some people may not be able to
connect all these dots very easily but I think if you play this sort of
dissertation that I’m giving here which I’m doing unexpectedly simply because of
the way this circumstance happened I think you’ll find the information is
valuable and and actually does stand the test of time so to speak now I wanted to
to allude to some of these other things that that I have covered and so if
you’re gonna bear with me I’m going to find my notes here and make sure that
I’m not missing anything because this is just a very good opportunity to go into
these various things and and so hold on one second here and I do just want to say briefly about
the the so-called link of Israel or the Zionists to the Anunnaki it is this link
that is basically responsible for the sort of focus on Israel that you get
with a lot of sort of people and organizations and so on and a lot of
accusations that they are very instrumental in our government which
indeed they are so this has to do again with a race of beings it has to do with
the Anunnaki and their bloodline link up with the Israelis which also extends to
the Arabs and other related races and so there’s a great deal of Anunnaki DNA on
the planet as a result to some degree of their infiltration during the time that
was about 12,000 years ago when they interfered with the human genome in a
big way and could in a frequency fence to make us age only lasts a certain
amount of years and also to dumbest down on certain levels all of that related to
the junk DNA that is now activated as a result of us becoming a part of a
basically an ascension planet but also activated through the energetics that
that have been assisting us to wake people up actually in a natural kind of
a way and turn on a lot of their DNA and arising unconsciousness and this raised
rising and consciousness is actually you might say its communicative in other
words it’s it’s like a disease except on the positive side it you know it’s
catching so if you’re around a person or you attend an event in which you’ve got
a lot of awakened people it’s very likely that your DNA and yourself are
going to become more awakened and more enlightened as time goes on and if you
interact with other people after that you will carry that
signature with you and so it goes this is really what’s going on here so you
don’t need to despair humans are waking up it is catching you will likely catch
it if it hasn’t happened to you already and end up watching this broadcast as a
result and maybe even eventually doing your own broadcast and so this is really
what it’s all about now I did want to highlight one other thing that was part
of the to this to the stars disclosure information they actually said that
they’re going to be starting a kind of a well it sounded like a UFO database
sighting database or and or also abduction reporting database so what
they really want to do is to continue the military trend of surveilling you of
getting you to report the ETS that are out there that are getting in through
the portals the ones that they may not have seen or been aware of the ones that
got under their radar and so on so they are as part of this so-called Tom
DeLonge effort going to be continuing this process and of course MUFON and
other organizations have been getting you to call in and to write in and so on
and share your sighting your abduction your whatever and this is all going to
help the military in their job what they are not telling you that
of course the to the Stars individuals they are also looking for storylines
from you so this will also facilitate that process in essence they want you to
help make their disclosure a reality and they can’t do it without you so please
be aware of that in other words we are the disclosures the real disclosures we
are the ones who have the knowledge and they know that and so understand that
you do not have to pay money and I understand they’ve
already raised some money because actually they should be funded by the
black programs that have been stealing money from you for eons and there’s a
money trail that you can look on the white hat hats report com website to
follow if you like you can look into Katherine Austin Fitz and her work and
others but the bottom line is that we the American public and other countries
individuals in other countries have been funding the secret space program now for
a good sixty years and therefore they have plenty of money to fund this new
effort – slowly but surely release information to you that you should have
had again sixty years ago they should be able to finance themselves they have the
money and there is a sort of surprisingly disappointing aspect to
this new organization that attempts to do disclosure while at the same time
trying to raise money from you who are the disclosures and facilitate their
sort of get out of jail free card now I fully agree with the premise that these
individuals that are part of your military have been fighting a war on
your behalf and are to be commended for the good side of that that they are part
of for the other side which has been oppressing you and taking your DNA
against your will and the fluids and also killing a lot of your children and
various other individuals that get so-called lost in national parks by the
thousands millions whatever and the missing children all over the planet and
the various so-called natural what are called natural disasters which are
caused by a lot of their weather weapons that are orchestrated constantly around
the globe and are being orchestrated as we speak in for example North in
Northern California in other words you do not need to
pay them any more money in order to facilitate them disclosing the truth the
truth is actually free and it will set you free and hopefully them free so that
they can actually conduct a better life in the future
so that they can contribute to the human race and to what’s going on on this
planet in a positive way so all of this works together I’m not going to go on
for many more hours here I think I’ve kind of covered a huge gamut of
information I do have a recent conversation as I mentioned on my
website that I want to refer you to that has to do with it has a few of these
these sort of bits and pieces there are a few articles on this on the front page
one of them is called conversation it’s actually called a conversation with a
curious friend you’ll find some very interesting statements there and I do
recommend that obviously and I’m actually gonna going to go and share my
screen here for a second again this will show you my website again where I’ve got
as I say here’s the directed-energy laser weapon the video is linked there
that has some very good information some of the best information I’ve heard in
regarding to the fires in Northern California what’s really going on there
and the evidence of the zoning along which these fires is that are actually
tracking and a woman who has revealed this actually revealed it before the the
actual attack happened and then the conversation with a curious friend here
where I have actually last night conducted conversation with some
individuals and I I shared my side of the conversation so I don’t reveal their
side but I share a lot of really good links etc so I want to recommend that
you see that article it’s a very important
obviously I’ve had shows on recently that are very important today later
today we’ll be talking to paladin the white hat and that link is here and the
tutors to the stars disclosure the links and some comments they are also
important to see the Vegas evidence I’ve been corralling all the evidence and I
did a show with Fetzer and Bennett which has a lot of the evidence there as well
the remote viewing Tunguska and area 51 show is there and I was interviewed
lately by Alexandra who is was working with I think a division of what what is
called rips and our news I think they are from Poland but I’m not sure and
then certainly my latest show with Tony Gosling covering various events and his
take on things he is a good reporter a former BBC reporter who is specializes
in outing the Bilderberg events then of course my theory on the War of the
Worlds Mandalay pirates of Mandalay Bay part of this ongoing war that we’re all
part of and it is going on between the Illuminati and a portion of the US
military which is basically symbolized by the US Navy and that’s not the whole
Navy but part of it and so the coloring on this background is just gone and
completely bizarre fashion anyway so I’m this is the kind of thing we’re
connecting the dots can really reveal the answers and as far as the Vegas is
concerned I have not seen anyone who has been able to connect the dots on a
symbolic level other than myself and to tap into some of the aspects of this war
going on this ongoing war and it has to do with the finance and we will talk
more about it today with Paladin at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time tonight but please do
look at my article there and see how I’m linking up the dots there
this doesn’t mean I’m correct but it is some very good information nonetheless
and there is a lot of evidence again that the war within the Illuminati is
reflected here with a war against the United States leading up to what is in
essence the financial reset and it involves the US Navy a portion of which
are now defending sacred ground on human of the human genome here on planet Earth
and who are attempting to come clean and to do disclosure efforts and William
Kumpf khun’s was a member of that special on or group and I do understand
that he was barred from talking to me because they are very very concerned
about their message and as always they’re trying to sort of you might say
control the story so they want to control the spin and they don’t want to
bring in this a very negative aspect which is being revealed in the certain
the lately the disclosures to do with Harvey Weinstein one of the weinstein
brothers who is part of Miramax who is a very very successful film production
company and has been extremely active in Hollywood making blockbuster and
excellent movies over the past say 10 or 20 years their name is on nearly
everything and I will say that regardless of Harvey’s transgressions in
this regard which of which the women have been coming forward and testifying
in the public and so on and kudos to them for doing so with the courage that
is necessary to do I will say having worked for 20 years and actually worked
on a very temporary basis for Miramax I am familiar with Harvey Weinstein and
his brother and I can say that this is the tip of the iceberg as I say in one
of my articles here that I can definitely say that since the time
of Shirley Temple of course that this you know the use of you know we might
call it pedophilia the use of young women young boys for sexual and other
purposes the sort of hidden satanic side of Hollywood has been extremely active
over the years that it’s only now starting to kind of come to the surface
we’re living in a time of truth and it is inevitable I don’t care what aspect
that you’re talking about this is all going to be revealed and it is coming
forward now it is a time of the unveiling and this is something Camelot
has been heavily involved in over the years the truth will continue to come
forward and I encourage people who have truth to bring it forward to stop hiding
and eventually the people who have hidden the truth and been on the side
basically supporting non-verbally the perpetrators of lies against humanity
for all this time not only will they know themselves through their own karmic
investing you know investment or non investment in in the trail of humanity
on planet earth but eventually a lot of them are going to get revealed so your
alliances at this time are vitally impress important choose your sides
carefully understand that when you support someone who is you know defiling
another human being who is lying to humanity in great droves who is
perpetrating the lie on many levels that they are going to be sorry
eventually as a soul they will have a great debt to repay they will
necessarily be reincarnated again and again until their debt is paid it’s
worth knowing especially as the star gates are open for those who are
interested in progressing for those that would like
to leave the scepter and progress to other maybe more
I guess physically in a 3d way more a sort of nice areas of the multiverse to
live in etc and continue their quest but you know I I can say that serving
Humanity at this time is a very worthwhile venture that telling the
truth it’s almost nothing more important it’s as important as your life contrary
to what a lot of people think and it is the reason for your life you could look
at it that way so I guess that’s the end of my diatribe here and I want to thank
Robert David Steele for backing out of this conversation with me because I
guess it propelled me to come forward on my own to really reveal things that we
probably wouldn’t have gotten to he in my discussion with him and please
understand that there are a lot of people they are making contributions to
the degree that they are able at the same time they’re trying to save their
own lives and their lives of their families and that is understandable this
is also what goes on with whistleblowers and of course the information and
Project Camelot is full of whistleblower testimony so thanks again for watching
Project Camelot I’ll be back at 7 p.m. tonight Pacific time talking to Paladin
tomorrow I will have a show tomorrow night with Bix Weir who is going to be
talking about the gold in Grand Canyon he has someone who has done
investigation along these lines he also has quite a background in the financial
sector so we will talk about finance with him on Thursday night as well so
there are more shows coming and thanks again for watching take care bye bye

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