When Hugh Laurie was told to throw poo at a lion! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

You have experience
of vicious animals. Creatures… I feel like I have had
a lot of professional dealings with animals. I did a film with a lion once. Had to shoot with it, a lion,
you know, a wild lion. Well, I say wild.
He’s been in films. LAUGHTER And so I arrived
to shoot this scene, and the first thing I noticed, the camera crew
were in a steel cage. Only big enough to contain
the camera crew. I thought, I’d better ask
some basic safety questions. I said, what is the sort of safety
thing here with this wild lion? They said, “The first thing is
we make sure before the lion works, “we make sure he has sex,
just to take the edge off.” I do that! And I said, “I’m not
particularly worried about… “I’m not worried
about a randy lion. “I’m more worried
about the eating kind.” They said, “That’s all right
because we will the lion. “We won’t feed him too much
because then he’ll go to sleep.” And I said, “Again, that’s not
really…” Because I know what it’s like,
you open a packet of crisps, you have one, but then
you want more, don’t you? And the third thing they said, the
third sort of safety measure, was that “The lion’s downhill,
and he’s very lazy “and he probably won’t chase you.” And again I was just not
really reassured by this, and I said to the chap, you know, “If it does happen,
what are you supposed to do?” And he took great delight,
this South African handler, took great delight in telling me
that if a lion charges you – useful advice –
you have to reach back… ..you take a handful of shit and you throw it in the lion’s face. And I obviously said,
“Where do you get the shit from?” And he said, “Don’t worry,
it’ll be there!”

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  1. I miss hearing him speak british in a sitcom. Avenue 5 was a gift & it’s sad americans will never bother to ask him to do it for them

  2. That’s an old story, usually told about being charged at by a gorilla. In fact Stephen Fry told the story years ago. Plagiarism.

  3. 🤣Brilliant 👍🏼Didn’t think Hugh Laurie could be so funny👏🏻🤣still laughing with the hand full of shit😆

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