When Trevor Noah went superblack | Live At The Apollo – BBC

One day growing up,
I met an American and he was shocked that in South
Africa we had all these titles. And he said to me, “Well, you know,
Trevor, if you go out to America,
they’ll label you as black.” I said, “Really?!” He was like,
“Oh, hell, yeah! “Yeah, buddy, everybody’s black out
there. Yeah! “You’d be super black.” Well, that sounds good to me, super
black! Yeah. And I made a choice, “First
chance I get to go out to America, “I’m going to get a piece of that
black.” And I did, boarded a flight, it was
an 18-hour journey, Johannesburg to
New York. I didn’t sleep a wink, I just sat
there in my chair like a madman watching every single black American
movie I could find. Just sitting there going crazy,
practising, “Yeah! Yeah! You know
what I mean? “You know what I mean? Yeah!
King Kong ain’t got shit on me! “Yeah! Yeah! I’m… Sorry? Oh
the chicken, please. The chicken,
thank you. “No, that’s fine, thank you.
Put it in your mouth, yeah!” 18 hours of flying, 18 hours of
practice. I landed in New York and I was fluent
in my black American. Fo’ shizzle my
nizzle. I had everything. I had the walk. I was so black, I was
even laughing like… HE LAUGHS UPROARIOUSLY “Ha! Yeah! Ha-ha! Oh, my man! My man!
Oh, that’s you? That’s you?” HE LAUGHS UPROARIOUSLY That for me is the coolest thing in
the world. Black Americans are so cool
and confident, they’ll make you feel good about
yourself just by asking if you are
you. It’s magic. They’ll just walk up to
you and go, “That’s you? That’s you? “Nah, nah, for real, man, that’s
you?!” And you’ll be like, “Yeah, I think it
is!” LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE And I was that black, I was super
black. I was loving it, until this guy
walked up to me, he didn’t even know
me, tapped me on the shoulder in the
airport he’s like…
said “Yeah, I’m talking to you, man! “I’m just saying, we made it, baby.
We made it baby, eh?” “Now that we’re here, our kind,
we got to stick together, hombre.” “Our kind?!” 18 hours of flying and I wasn’t
black… I was Mexican. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

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