When world leaders visit the Trump White House, things can get awkward

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  1. Lol Wash Post tellin truth😆🤣 Jesus said hed expose all evil, & Everyone will bow to Him & Know His Name: He is TRUTH🤗😍🕊 WAKIE Wakie Flock, get out your Popcorn, cuz its All coming out! Aaaaamen🌈

  2. Washington Post is just another lying rag of a newspaper . They definitely are traitors and enemies of the American people and should be dealt with as such …

  3. Shameful, but goddam funny to look at the facial expressions the Finnish president made while attending Trump's…."presser".

  4. When the UNITED STES sends it's nation's leader around the world, it isn't sending it's VERY BEST ?

    It sends this GRABBER, liar, prostitute user, bankruptcy filer , criminal and tax cheat !
    But I suppose sometimes some times good people might be on board , to clean his chin and help him slip into his shoes ?

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