Why It Matters That A Trump Budget Aide Is Breaking Silence On Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. If you worked for a big company as a CEO & 60% of your stock holders disapproved of your performance and the negative light you shed on the company, how long do you think you would last? This sheit show needs to end, there is nothing left to see or hear. Flush the Orange Floater!

  2. Oh dear. Time to sign on the dotted line for that new Apprentice TV show Trumpie. Grab the deal. Mark Burnett is your last hope. Bye-bye. You won't be missed at all.

  3. There are 2 kinds of rats. One is leaving the ship and the ones with a R in front of their name in parentheses are going down with it!!

  4. NBC should be ashamed of it's "Pizzazz" comment. WTF are you trying to be Buzzfeed or Journalist, how humiliating for all who work there.

  5. Lots of dead American allies lately. Lots of covering, cowering and capitulating to our enemies. 
    Not to mention DT, once again, seeking foreign help in his election. He's not on your side!

  6. Realistically what does any of it matter? Those f$cktard republicans will just vote against impeachment in the senate. The devil himself could be running the country, as long as he is a republican devil…

  7. Another argument or smear is calling the officials (Vindman, Taylor, and now Mark Sandy) testifying are professional nerds (Limbaugh). As if implying that being professional (experience) is a negative and nerd (hyper-knowledge) is a negative.

  8. WH staffers are speaking up. Wish more people would follow their lead especially in the State Department and DOJ. The truth will set you guys free!

  9. TRUMP’S PERFECT PHONE CALL SHOULD BE RELEASED AS AN AUDIO RECORDING. A summary of his call has been released by the WH as a so-called transcript; there should be no problem in releasing the actual recording. It could be an example for other heads-of-state to follow and also showcase Trump’s unmatched wisdom and genius. We may then enjoy the perfect call as we drive to work or prepare dinner. Why has the recording been “buried”, depriving us of that privilege?

  10. Hopefully Trump will go to prison and wake up to a sausage every morning. Put his ratbag kids in cages and make a big vat of Jonestown Kool-aid for his die hard MAGAots.

  11. This orange cancerous fruitcake has spread throughout the entire west wing , and only patriotic therapy will send this disease into submissions..

  12. Trump won't be impeached you idiots. The Senate isn't going to let it happen. Why? Because they aren't stupid. They aren't going to impeach ANYONE based on heresay.

  13. Another fake news story. Changes nothing. The House IS going to find there's enough evidence whether there is a ton of it, or none of it. Why? Party line vote. Then it's going to the Senate for a Trial. The Senate is the Jury and decides if they want to remove him from office. I have bad news for you all, Your Bluewave claims from 2018 failed miserably. Trump will not be removed from office.

  14. Why hasn't this been news, in 1974 a law was passed so that a president can't stop funds that Congress allows! It's a Felony:

  15. Americans dont watch MSNBCannibal news (unless they are in the Satanic Cult the relies on Illegal alien child sacrifice to appease this Energy being they believe rewards them in the same way witches cut chickens heads off) MSNBCannibals are sick people .. You have no idea what I SEE


  17. Taylor bought a last minute dish to the party wed. and who real going to prison for Trump they got nothing out of that deal.

  18. It may be hard now but History will judge you in a good light. That is all we can wish for in the end. If you have information, the last call to avoid being associated in History with those criminals destroying American democracy is now.

  19. I dont understand why they have so much problem with trump when hes done alot for America but when the twin towers went down they did nothing compared to what they trying to do trump on Bush hahaha man the dark side are strong

  20. It is also public knowledge that Trump has supported witness tampering tactics throughout his presidency; that is a federal crime.

  21. The right wing liars are saying that Yovanovitch was spreading a "Do Not Prosecute" list around Ukraine. This is a lie. However, Trumpets were spreading a "You Must Prosecute" list, and it only included two items: Hillary and Biden. Trump had and has no other interest in Ukrainian "corruption."

  22. Once you realize that Trump isn't some "God Emperor" but just a "naked Emperor" instead, it gets much easier to speak up against him…

  23. After Trump is put in jail , the rest will follow. America first is the only thing important. Not if you are a Trumper or not , but a American or not.

  24. Tell us more about "the reporting that Trump ordered OMB to freeze the military aid." That may be the smoking gun evidence we've been waiting for, assuming it can also be established that the reason Trump froze the aid was to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. By itself, Trump asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens is not extortion, just as Trump asking China to investigate the Bidens is not extortion. Asking for Biden investigations is something Trump did repeatedly in public so it doesn't require testimony of witnesses to prove he asked for them. Trump's awareness that military aid was frozen to obtain the Bidens investigation is what still remains to be proved.

  25. Every day when the pussygrabber comes up in any news I think about what you have to do EXACTLY to have used toilet paper sticking under your shoes… so, now you have an image in your head. 🙂 Now you know what I endure day in day out.

  26. Will be interesting to see where the US is placed on the international Corruption Index for 2019.
    In 2018 it was placed at 22nd, which is pretty poor (and a drop from 18th in 2017).

  27. It's what always happens, people start protecting their own backs, others grow spines and some just get sick of the BS. Lets hope more come forward so the truth is bared to all.

  28. Trump is concern about corruption in Ukraine but the GOP don't care about their own massive corruption in America involving WH and everyone around it

  29. Hoping the likes of Mr Sandy, Mr Holmes etc embolden other career officials, as well as WH staff, to come forward with more corroborating evidence that buries chump and his GOP and fox enablers

  30. It DOESN'T matter. The scumocrats started this impeachment scam with the same thing they started the Mueller probe out with. NOTHING. And it will end the same way, with the Democrats looking like a bunch of lying sacks of sh*t.

  31. Why does the press not mention what Trump said in the call about the ambassador, that some bad things were going to happen to her. Who speaks like that? Why do they not ask him about that statement? Why do you not cover the actual war in Ukraine, to put this in context. Listening to the media, this is just a bunch of conversations, show the context, which is an active war between Russia and our ally Ukraine. What is at stake? Not only a bribe and treasonously abandoning US foreign policy, but Russia's freedom to invade its neighbouring countries!!

  32. Time to GET REAL, America. Trump’s Cult and the GOP all KNOW Trump has betrayed America. They don’t CARE. They WANT the End Of The Republic. They HATE Dems, SO MUCH, that they think it’s WORTH a single party Dictatorship. Elections will be RIGGED in 2020, UNLESS we REMOVE Trump, and his enablers. It’s come down to a a straight fight, between good and evil

  33. Traitors in the wire Mr. President !!!!!!!! I can add to the story too !!!!!! I heard this ! I heard that ! Oh Ukraine !!!!! Oh boy ….

  34. Trump thought that he could president in the fake world, the kind he was used to, where bankruptcy, adultery, tax evasion, bribery was cool. Cowboy Curtiss needs to visit the WH and welcome donnie to the real world.

  35. trump jail 2020. ohhh bubba meet you new cell mate, agent orange, make sure you teach him a thing or two , ok, and yes you can pass him around to the other inmates

  36. All the trump haters just know this man done more to the country then your whole useless generation will ever do hhhhhhh that's a fact !!!! Now stop hating on your president that the majority voted for hhhhh

  37. Republicans: you Democrats only have 2nd hand witnesses!
    1rst hand witnesses: The white house has instructed us to Not Testify.
    Common senses: If the white house would stop blocking the testimonies of 1rst hand witnesses, we could get this over with. If they do not have anything bad to say, why block them? Aka Cover-up!

  38. Trump not only bribed a foreign leader he destroyed this woman's career without any consideration for anything but himself and then smeared her good name for no reason. This guy is sick.

  39. If this budget guy is going to talk trump is done for, so far trump hasnt given anything that proves he's innocent. NOTHING to counter everything these witnesses has been saying. Just resigned you POS#45!

  40. DON'T BLAME ME I VOTED FOR MCGOVERN I was never more proud putting this on my first car 3 years + after voting in my first election ( after being derided for my vote.)

  41. The new GOP oath "I Congressperson/Senator _____________, duly elected by the people of the United States of America, do solemnly swear to uphold the absolute right of Donald J Trump to undermine and weaken the bastions of the Constitution, the U.S. State Department, Intelligence community and election process, giving aid and comfort to enemies and hostile powers, both foreign and domestic by doing for them what they have been unable to do for themselves the last 230 years, so help me God."

  42. I hope trump is packing his bags because one way or another he’s leaving the Oval Office that’s as simple as you can put it he’s gonna take the longggggg walk back to Florida or Leavenworth 😂😂😂😭😭

  43. the trump vulture trying to make it up the stairs , again , ready to escape ,he has made a plan ,believe let him , the devils hideout ready … … k.c.

  44. I predict Sondland's unsecured call was monitored and recorded by multiple spy agencies.

    Barr expects there are tapes of the call
    , so staying distant.

  45. You people are listening to an admitted liar,  and using him as a  reference,  classic liberal sheeptard logic at it's finest, who needs comedy central?

  46. Lock them up Trump Pence Barr Gordon Rudy and the rest of the swamp creatures in the Republicans Senate and House and then we GET OVER IT

  47. it really makes me angry, why trump still has supporters . they have to know that he is no good for nothing and still …..hmm they are not Patriots . they are not Americans . bunch of who know who. they are only about money, just like trump. no dignity , and probably like to still and can other's to be rich . I wonder if any of trump supporters would go and fight for America, to lessen þo all trump did, and is still doing makes my skin crawl . Be American and vote him out. After , you just put him in prison, where he belongs .

  48. Trumpets are pathological deniers – lacking in any discernment hence them being conned by old orange fat guts and his corrupt circle.?good to see wierdo Stone off to jail to join his Trumper buddies. Ly down with dogs etc

  49. Questions that remain to be answered include: In contrast to Trump’s maverick behaviour and posturing as a Washington outsider, will Trump be impeached and removed from office?
    If so, what will happen in the Senate? Will Mike Pompeo, William Barr and Vice President Mike Pence, who is now being implicated in the scandal, be impeached and/or prosecuted for their roles in Ukrainegate?

    Will Mulvaney be fired for admitting 'Quid Pro Quo'?

    Mulvaney held up missiles to Ukraine out of fear Russia would be angry
    Among the many revelations in the transcriptof Ukraine Special Adviser Catherine Croft’s testimony to the House is the fact that acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, who also oversees the Office of Management and Budget, put a hold on a shipment of Javelin missiles to Ukraine not just as part of an apparent scheme to force Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, but also out of concern that Russia would be angry.

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