Why We Break the Glass at Jewish Weddings

You can’t have a Jewish wedding without
breaking some glass You sat me at WHO’S table?? That’s not what I meant. Mazel tov! That’s more like it. As with most Jewish traditions, there are
varied interpretations of why we do this. Here are three. One.
It comes from a story in the Talmud. Two different Rabbis were upset at how loud
and crazy guests at weddings were, so they made a scene and broke some glassware. Everyone
simmered down. Two.
It represents the destruction of the Temple. We can treasure joy even more when we remember
how quickly it can end. Three.
A mystical take. When we’re born, G‑d shatters our single soul into two parts, and
that these two half-souls have a mission to try to find each other and reunite through
marriage. We can celebrate even the shattering of things, because there might be a higher
purpose that we don’t understand. Whichever interpretation sits best with you,
we can all agree that it’s fun to break stuff. Mazel Tov!

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