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Moving now to some of the top stories on the
global front… From the mystery of the Malaysian airliner…
to Chile’s first female president being sworn in for a second term,… we now go over to
our Paul Yi at the news center. Paul… let’s start with the latest in the
search for that missing plane. What do we know so far? Well, Ji-hae… frustrations are mounting
after five days of search efforts, with still no sign of wreckage from Malaysia Airlines
Flight 370. The international teams have further expanded
their search after earlier reports of military radar signals came to a dead end.
Our Kim Hyun-bin has the details. The search for a missing Malaysian airliner
stretched into its fifth day on Wednesday,… with still no concrete evidence to explain
what happened to the plane and the more than 230 people who were on board.
With no sign of the plane, the search area has been expanded to an area that stretches
all the way from China to the Andaman Sea west of Thailand.
This, after Vietnam briefly scaled down its search operations after saying it had been
getting mixed signals from Malaysia over the flight path of Flight 370.
Authorities continue to look for clues that may explain what happened. “I think there is a lot of speculation right
now, some claims of responsibility that have not been confirmed or corroborated at all.
We’re looking at it very carefully.” The Malaysian military says the plane was
in the air for over an hour before it vanished from radar… and had traveled about 500 kilometers
off course. It added that the plane’s transponder and
tracking devices were switched off after the plane veered off track.
Some experts speculate that there might have been a sudden electrical malfunction on the
plane,… pointing out that backup power would only last an hour. Officials have not ruled out the possibility
of pilot suicide, as transponder signals are controlled in the cockpit.
Adding to the confusion, a Malaysian newspaper quoted Malaysian air force chief Rodzali Daud
on Tuesday as saying that military radar had tracked the missing plane to the Strait of
Malacca. Rodzali denies he ever made the comments.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.

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