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Hello, it’s Tom. It’s time for our 2012 transition update, and here it is: October of 2017. On September 23rd 2017, we got an incredible marker in the stars that was predicted in Revelations proving – at least to me – undeniably, that yeah the end times are here. Other markers have occurred in other cultures, so this is just one of many Confirming that the end times are here, and trying to reach everybody everywhere. Now that marker or no other ones really tell us when it’s going to occur so I’m going to cover that topic, you know, specifically “when is it going to occur?” in an upcoming currency reset video very soon. A matter of days, I hope and for my regular listeners thank you very much for tuning in and I’ve been moving things around again moving videos around… and… part of that is monetization. I thought that religious oriented videos to be immune from monetization issues, but I stand corrected Plus I also wanted to realize I kind of put videos in the wrong order, so in order to address the Christian crowd Who I hope to keep on the channel, I rearranged the videos for that as well. I’m gonna get to some news in a minute but first I want to talk about transition. among other things that we have to do in this transition is to clear our heads of emotional issues. And that’s what I need to do right now I am a Libra so it’s very important for me that everybody get along. Thus I try to work with all sides Also, there are two routes to get into the heart. One is the left brain which is wisdom Intuitiveness, and the other is right brain, which is emotional, and that’s where religions lie. Both paths are equally valid ways of getting into the heart. So with that in mind, I feel it’s my responsibility To share the fact that this transition is a simple, everyday, Fibonacci event. It’s an energy event. This is what I want the Christian community, and everyone to understand. Each person is going to absorb a certain amount of energy on that day and her DNA will respond The result will be heaven for those who are in the heart. For those who are vibrating at a certain frequency… The heart frequency: that frequency is what absorbs that energy. It’s harmonics Exactly like a piano note. Whatever note that piano key is vibrating at on that particular day, It’s going to absorb that energy: Energy of that frequency. And off the top of my head I suspect that yeah, maybe all the piano strings are going to be vibrating like crazy that day… And you’re just another piano string. Think of it that way It’s kind of like jumping into a rowboat that might be going by you, and you’re standing on the dock You just jump into it. Either you make it, or you don’t. It’s on an individual basis. So that’s what Christians, and everyone else, needs to understand. From a wisdom perspective. That’s the minimum. And in the case of Christianity it might be sufficient Because Christianity itself puts people in the heart. The wisdom just helps you understand that you and your church are just one way of getting into the heart Everything else on this channel is really supplemental. It’s entertainment. Its scientific. Its news. A given video may work for some people and maybe not for others. And that’s just the way it is with me trying to please everyone Okay, well, thank you very much for hearing me out. Now we’ll get into some news highlights, and get into the forecast the video forecast for this channel Earlier, I mentioned the currency reset video. For people who may not be aware that the currency reset is part of the new revelations. The revelations in the Bible is one thing The Book of Revelation… However there’s been an intervention. And as part of that intervention numerous things have happened including removing the devil and numerous things will happen including a currency reset So when you see “Currency Reset” videos on his channel or, uh… “Getting America Back” videos… those are revelations at work That’s the modern-day Book of Revelation. (i.e.: the intervention). and lo and behold, just now, Jerry Brown, Governor of California has signed into law, a bill that California will no longer cooperate with the federal government on policies which it no longer agrees with. And, the biggest one in the forefront is Trump’s immigration policy As Jerry Brown was governor in the hippie days – I think it was the 70s – and he’s governor now so he has a tremendous amount of experience, much like Putin does. And, he’s also travelled to China recently, which is also against federal policy. California is the sixth largest economy in the world So Donald Trump is not dealing here with the mouse ?. Donald Trump has his hands full. Now for those of you who think Donald Trump is an angel. I got news Donald Trump is a narcissist through and through and If he indeed is part of Revelation and of all of this stuff happening Then this is more likely in my opinion how things are going to happen things are going to happen by people defying Trump so get your popcorn and Now for international news as I’ve said repeatedly Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel the leaders of those countries as well as the dark government of the United States those are the bad guys. in Biblical terms they’re part of the devil or part of the Antichrist. Russia, China and Iran among others are the good guys Russia’s economy is about the thirteenth largest in the world by GDP, but Putin is running the world right now Thank God and that’s not in the book of Revelation either and Just now Russia has beat the United States to the punch by installing a no-fly zone over Syria. Russia Iran and surprisingly Turkey are behind this no-fly zone, so primarily Russian but also Turkish missiles will shooting down any planes that fly in that zone and Right away Putin gave the order to begin installation of a pipeline across Syria and According to many this is the whole issue with Syria, and why were there in the first place because of pipeline confrontations so wake up to that fact Putin’s actions Installing this pipeline are telling the world. This is what it’s really about. And finally you got turkey here who was part of NATO who has essentially jumped ship and is now working hand-in-hand with Russia and Putin and a big part of that motivation is the Turkish coup that happened a couple of years ago. That was the good guys attempting to take him out It was a failed attempt so the entire world is pushing back against the United States and these dark governments And that’s good news so that’s it for the news highlights. We’ll cover. What happened in Vegas separately and now it’s time for the video forecast We will be covering more about the timing of this 2012 transition in an upcoming currency reset video we will most likely talk about the red dragon issue associated with revelations and I still owe you a follow-up on the Vatican ET issues, Vatican telescopes watching for ETS among other things and I have some great surprises as well, and one of those is for veterans as Veterans Day is coming up, so thank you very much, and I look forward to an exciting month of both videos and hopefully good world news as the events unfold according to a much higher plan Thank you very much Thank you

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  1. Enjoy your videos, however, your info is not quite correct, I refer you to Ret.Judge Anna von Reitz Facebook page. There you will find the complete TRUTH & history of the Govt vs Corporate Govt & what really happened along with that , Nesara is NOT in our favour & What Anna von Reitz wrote to the Vatican & the Queen, to Sessions, Dunford & Trump! Scroll thru her pages for the Real Truth ~ if you are a Truthseeker?!😉🍀🇦🇺🙏💜🕯N.B.Anna Von Reitz recently corrected Benjamin Fulford & he had to report more correctly, knowing what she informed him of ,the real legal situation of the American people & not American civilians. 😉

  2. Great, so you are what the republicans call a snow flake Trump hater? I dont do the politics thing, but I do look at the results of what a president has done. I am also a clairsentient, proven. Trump may not be liked by half of the country, but the WHOLE country needs to pray for him, and here's why. Trump IS the catalyst of the event involving half of us, or all of us. If Trump uses the nuke, then only those of us with higher vibrations will go to the new earth. If Trump chooses peace, instead, then we all go to the new earth. This is truth. Like it or not. Pray for him.

  3. It doesn't matter if Trump is fulfilling his given role, which he is, and since you now seem to embrace the Bible, he's mentioned by name in it.

  4. I'm not skeptical about the eternal conscious being of the Universe. Our mysterious part in it & the Christ light within. Yes, we have lost much knowledge & most look all round the houses – before they look inside. In a vulnerable state mankind has been led into a painful materialistc existence. Tom if something really good doesn't happen soon — for the WORLD … we could easily all go to heaven the traditional way & the crows (if any left) pickin our bones, setting our spirit free.
    Any dimension, 2 3 5 8, for many fearful souls, will be better than this Tom. It is sinful, the state we have this cycle in (& I've done quite a few)
    The Earth is sad & wants to be happy.. as I wish for all too.
    I'm gettin roosed & mystical… funny mix

  5. People have been SO utterly dumbed down into slavery by the corporations running this degenerate government that they have no way to figure out how to be free. They're so dumbed down, they don't even know they should be or can be free.
    It's like living in some twilight zone Stepfordville everywhere in this nation now. This is the most morally degenerate fucked up nation on the face of the earth and it has to end if people are to even survive for Christ's sake.

  6. Nobody know the truth until it's all review. Everything's are info for all to take notes and goes inside with your intuitive to verify. Thank you for all the videos and for your service. Let make mother earth better place to live before we all going home.

  7. seems like a contridiction Tom.. don't call yourself a primitive thing whence preaching all things new.. Most Christians only know what their indoctrination tells them.. And none of it is relevant to true truth… Constantine and clan made quite sure of that!

  8. Gov. Jerry Brown is a Communist POS! President Trump is trying to help the American citizens not illegals. Jerry Brown is ruining California and needs to be thrown in jail and burned at the stake! Evil bastard!

  9. I am starting to understand more and more how I am changing. Emotions are not good or bad; it is what you do with them that counts. Caring is a core part of love, and since we care it is normal to feel sorrow. My feelings grow stronger as the transition approaches, and as an empath my feelings will become even more dynamic. It is a learning process to learn how to learn and use these feelings. What I am experiencing is something foreign to a sociopath like Donald Trump, and this is why I feel so much pain when he so easily harms others to boost his own ego. I hope I can learn to better deal with and understand my feelings, but I am sure the Light Alliance will stay with me and help me through this process. At any rate, this is what it truly means to be alive! I am being reborn, and a future love, caring, and deep compassion awaits me! I'm not exactly sure why this is all happening around my birthday though.

  10. Trump has start a campaign to hurt everyone in the world today. He defunded the ACA, cut off PR from help while the hospitals run out of power, California burns, and he just privatized NOAA and NWS not to mention is planning a war with North Korea and Iran. It's really pushing me to tears. I want to help them all…. :'(

  11. Things are pretty difficult for me right now. I did see my psychologist. She put me on Paxil. If it works, I should start feeling something in 2 weeks with full effect in 4. I think I need to concentrate on one transition path. I had gotten a reply to a post I made on a YouTube channel a minister does who has a similar message. His reply was that following Jesus is great, but in order to be saved you must be saved. I don't have a good history with the church. All that did was put doubt in my mind, and I got a lot of problems as is. It's hard to get your shit together when you are constantly being bombarded with fear inducing stuff like was Trump is doing. It is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if my soul is just too badly damaged. There is an excessively high bandwidth of stuff flowing through my mind, and the bandwidth has always been high. There is just so much data where it gets confusing. My mind has always been flowing with thoughts and emotions, but when I get like this music is also playing trying to reduce the amount of mental burden I have by forcing both parts of my brain to work together. I guess, I need to somehow block out all the current politics, but it is really bad right now and very hard to block or at least buffer. I only found out just recently that I am an empath, and you know church doesn't recognize that. I looked into it further the other day. The web page was quite long, yet it was describing me in such high definition it was freaky. I know they don't know we, but it was like they knew more about me just in that static document than anyone other than myself does. I need to reach out to other empaths.

  12. Today one can look at what's happening to California and be inclined to wonder if there will be any thing left when the fires finally stop. What happened to all that rain and snowmelt water? Next week a noteworthy quake striking the San Andreas Fault. will they finally secede from the Union? literally falling into the sea. wow what a great time to be alive witnessing the fall of evil that is in California. from Silicon Valley to Tinseltown to cartels along the border what next? stay tuned it's going to be a bumpy ride!! Forgive me all you hard working ppl, who have lost loved ones and homes and everything. I was not referring to you. The only track of land I will celebrate being completely incinerated is the Bohemian Grove and John podesta's play house next door. if it turns out the acreage along the River was spared we will know who started that fire. my o my

  13. Donald J. Trump is modern day Cyrus. He will come into his salvation soon. Pray for his protection, pray without pause. unceasingly prayer is the answer for each and everyone of us; to finally stand on that great day.

  14. I don't think Trump is an angel, but I DO think that he is a catalyst that we NEEDED to come to power in this country to shake people awake to common sense and to start giving a shit about their rights that have been stripped away. The democrats have REALLY helped that process along by getting caught with all their dirty laundry and throwing each other under the bus. They forget that as this country crumbles because they are pitting family against family to try to get Trump in trouble, that they are only fueling THE ENTIRE FIRE… and they will be burned at the stake with it. WE NEED THIS. WE ARE LEARNING FROM THIS. WE CAN GROW FROM THIS. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS. WE WILL RISE TOGETHER BECAUSE OF THIS.

    Thanks as always for the video Tom! namaste

  15. Tom please help understand how do we know this 5D is not another cabal trick to 5G A.I. Nwo enslavement?

  16. Do we keep our 3D bodies in 4th or 5th dimensions? If not then we go through death correct???

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