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  1. This I My Birth Date From ABC World News Tonight With Peter Jennings was Off Catherine Crier thats My Birthday is March 27, 1995. I was Born in Philippines. But I don't live in America this News

  2. Who cares whether OJ was more upset over not talking to his daughter or Nicole's tight clothes? How is that even relevant? Kato was one of the prosecution's most valuable witnesses. Why would she try to discredit his testimony?

  3. she was just trying to prove he was lying because although he was on the property he kept saying he never heard anything

  4. She's the prosecutor. Why would she want to discredit one of her key witnesses?
    Kato said he heard 3 loud thumps on his bedroom wall, so I don't know what you mean when you say that he kept saying that he never heard anything.

  5. Because he wasn't answering the questions as he was supposed to so she had his testimony dismissed as a hostile witness.

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