World News May 31 2013

Hello everyone! Welcome to today’s episode
of World news, from KidSenz. We’re here to deliver news from around the world. Today
we’ll cover discovery of a lost continent, bugs as an alternate food source, mother’s
day and more! Hi. First-up: Lost continent discovered? A
team of Japanese and Brazilian undersea experts discovered rock structures deep in the Atlantic
Ocean. What makes this find interesting is that granite was found in these structures.
Granite is normally found on dry land and NOT under water. This can mean that this was
an island that once existed in the region and then sank. Researchers speculate that
this island may have formed after the continents separated and that it later sank to the ocean’s
floor. They believe it happened 100 million years ago!
A lot more research has to happen to find out all the details, but could this be the
fabled lost island of Atlantis? Every researcher dreams of finding Plato’s
lost city, Atlantis. The search for Atlantis has led to several unproven “breakthroughs”.
But maybe this will be the find? Or maybe not. Either way, it is definetly a peice of
the continent that was lost to the ocean. Next, an update on today’s world politics.
Former Primer Minister, Navaz Sharif won the elections in Pakistan.
Pakistan held its general elections to elect its next prime minister on May 11th 2013.Election
fever spread across the country with cars, bikes and rickshaws wearing party banners
and blaring loud music. This was a tough election, with the contest
mainly between popular celebrity and former cricket player Imran Khan and former prime
minister Nawaz Sharif. The voters’ biggest concerns for this elections were to improve
Pakistan’s economy and security. A very tight race, voters turned up in large numbers to
cast their vote. Imran Khan’s party lost the elections, but
he won a very prestigious seat from Peshawar. He will become the leader of the opposition
party. Nawaz Sharif’s party won the most seats, so he will become prime minister.
Our next story covers the remarkable art-work made from Junk!
Writers and artists are always looking for inspiration to create new works of art. Noah
Willaims found his inspiration from trash and junk that others threw away. Really – Noah
loves creating art from other people’s junk. Noah worked as a trash collector during the
day and continued to explore his passion for art at home. He was eventually inspired to
combine his work and scultping skills to create beautiful works of art from – YES – junk!
He has created large scale scultptures and paintings in this distinctive form.
Noah’s work is currently on display at “The Art League” museum in Alexandria, Virginia.
This creation is an excellent example of his work. It is made from Pickle jar tops, wine
corks, soda cans, car parts, chicken bones, real hair, feathers, bottle caps and cut-up
brown leather! Noah Williams has given the phrase “recycle
instead of junking” a whole new meaning!. Moving next to Mother’s day. Mother’s day
was celebrated in many places around the world on May 12th. People around the world have
been inspired to honor their mom or mama or matre for many centuries. The Greeks and Romans
had special traditions to honor mothers several centuries ago.
Mother’s day as we know it today, is mostly a US invention by Anna Jarvis, that later
spread to many other countries. It is observed on different days around the world in the
months of March, April and May, with the most popular date being the Second Sunday of May.
Kids make their moms cards, give flowers and give special gifts. Some people even take
their mom to lunch. The new trend these days is honoring moms
online. Several people updated their facebook pages to show pictures of their moms! And,
in the past few years, retailers have shown an increased focus in preparation for mothers
day with special sales. They offer great deals on products targeted towards moms to help
people in their effort to make their mothers feel truly special.
What did you do for mother’s day? I sent her a special email to tell her how lucky I am
to have her as my mom! Our final story talks about a new source of
food for humans. Would you eat bugs or insects for lunch? Eww OR crunchy? what is your reaction?
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture agency, close to 2 billion people across the
continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America eat insects. Yes – more than a 4th of the
worlds population eat some kinds of bugs and insects!
It is expected that there will be 9 billion people on Earth by the year 2050! A report,
recently published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture agency, discusses insects
and other bugs as a good source of nutrition, to solve the hunger problems of the world.
Bugs can be found everywhere, even in poor countries, so this could become a really easy
way to feed the growing population. While insects are not an option for Vegans
and Vegetarians, they are excellent source of protein while being low in fat. They are
also a good source of minerals, too. Wondering how much bugs cost? They are abundant
and pretty cheap but some deIicacies can be expensive. In Africa, 4 water bottles of grasshoppers
can cost about 20 dollars! Caterpillars and some exotic weaver ant eggs cost even more!
I guess, one could make a fortune selling bugs and insects! Any of you want to become
a future Bug-millionaire? What is the expected Earth population by 2050?
Times up. If you said 9 billion, you are correct! Based on current birth rates and life expectancies,
it is believed that there will be 9 billion people on planet Earth by the year 2050.
And with that we come to the end of this edition of World news today. See you next time!

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