World News Openings in the 80’s Part 1

CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite Good evening The messages came from 6.000 miles across the sea Private messages but for all the world… Channel 4 News Hello, good evening… Lloyd Robertson, Harvey Kirck with the CTV National News Good evening Some of the worst violence to date has hit Northern Island and there be more to come Lloyd The wave of shootings… Ladies and gentlemen Good night Welcome to the prime time edition of El Informador… Televisa presents its program 24 Horas de la Tarde with Jacobo Zabludovsky Cinematographer: Rubén Mancilla Talavera This morning the president had a reunion with the students… A man in court charged with Monica Cantwell’s murder Our national symbol the Kiwi now facing a new threat And for some of tomorrow’s school the funding (doesn’t add up) Good evening An Auckland man is in prison tonight after being charged… Tonight: Australian stock market (send the week in a disastrous note) America steps up its involvement in the Persian Gulf And a replica of a famous old plane flies into Perth Good evening In other stories tonight Bob Hawke comments on (freeing up world trade) have been welcomed by National Farmers Federation… The images of this and other informations in full color in just a moment This is 24 Horas Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is 24 Horas, the news spectacle… Mikhail Gorbachev decides he must cut his trip short and go home to the Soviet Union This is the reason: A devastating earthquake in the soviet republic of Armenia From ABC this is World News Tonight with Peter Jennings Good evening The disaster that (some in the soviet) urgently home began at 11:41 in the morning yesterday… Televisión Nacional de Chile with the sponsorship of Philips presents 60 minutos Good night I saw with my own eyes how the visit of the Pope to Chile was mutilated and distorted… But now is the time to join John Humprhys for the news (The round over) the Falklands The Defence Secretary says the Navy is ready if needed The Foreign Secretary is told off by an angry Mr. Begin (Costumes men) act to stop gold coins frauds Roy Jenkins gets some rowdy reception in the Commons And reporters get the brush off from the returning rebel cricketers Good evening In the southern Atlantic tonight at least 6 Argentine warships… Thursday, December 24th Tonight on The National A little town of Bethlehem and a uneasy calm of Christmas eve Orhpans of the famine Ethiopians children struggling to survive without parents And on The Journal The best and the worst of this season movies And following the flame The Olympic torch lights up a town The National with Knowlton Nash Good evening Christmas eve has brought a day of relative peace to the Holy Land after 2 weeks of protests and violence In the churches of Bethlehem there were joyful midnight services to mark the beginning of Christmas Day but on the streets…

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  1. Here are the subtitles for Dunia dalam Berita from TVRI and Berita RTM from RTM1.

    1:08 : Good evening. Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini died last night…
    6:32 : Peace be upon you. Here are the main headlines.
    6:35 : The air traffic control stations will be placed on the beach in some islands if necessary.

    Note : "Peace be upon you" is the translation of an Arabic greeting "Assalamualaikum". Mostly used in Malay as a greeting. In Malay, it means "Salam sejahtera" or "Salam bahagia".

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