World News Openings in the 80’s Part 2

This is the CBS Evening News, Dan Rather reporting Good evening US congressman Mickey Leland of Texas and his party are still missing in Ethiopia… Ladies and gentlemen Good night The situation in… One minute with El 11 en las Noticias Good night folks The former mayor of Ponce Luis Antonio “Wito” Morales declared today after a one week trip to Havana… This is Eyewitness News, first in Melbourne With David Johnston, Jana Wendt and the entire Eyewitness News team Good evening. David Johnston And Jana Wendt with Eyewitness News Tonight highlights of the great debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan Jornal Bandeirantes Brought to you by Chevrolet and its dealerships Chevrolet your best brand Good night. The Jornal Bandeirantes of today Tuesday November 14th has the following headlines: More than 82 million Brazilians choose tomorrow the 2 candidates that will be at the ballotage of the presidential election In the eve of the election the campaign teams went to the street in a party mood The financial markets bet to a victory of the centre and the São Paulo and Rio stock markets closed upwards 300 policemen ended the mutiny in the central penitentiary in Paraná 8 prisioners and 1 official die during the shooting The guerrilla is in attack in El Salvador More than 400 people already die in the battles The Jornal Bandeirantes is starting 300 policemen invades the central penitentiary of Paraná in Piraquara this early morning… La Noticia on Venezolana de Televisión… Tonight: The politician’s final say and will the school holidays delay the results? Another aboriginal hanging in custody in Queensland City reception for Queensland State of Origin stars Good evening More than 10 million australians will vote… This is NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw in New York Roger Mudd in Washington and commentary by John Chancellor Good evening An iranian army, estimated at 80.000 men, has now crossed into Irak…

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  1. In 3:34, you can't see "JNN News Scope" (JNNニュースコープ) but "JNN News Desk" (JNNニュースデスク). The former was evening news at 6:30 p.m., and the latter was the final edition of news programs in the day, most of which was broadcasted at 11:00 p.m..

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