World News Openings in the 80’s Part 3

An American helicopter fires on an Iranian boat in the Persian Gulf and in this country an uproar in Pro Football and Baseball over free agents NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw Good evening The Persian Gulf is once again a firing zone for American forces tonight… Six britain feared dead after explosion on a oil carrier Police free Saudi girl kidnapped on the way to school Defence millions go down the drain Lady Diana (…) The 90 million pound bridge opens to traffic at last Good evening One britain has been killed and 5 others are missing… Good evening Here is the news in English from Oman Television read tonight by Hillary Smith… Good night A big hug for all of you… The Noticiero 24 Horas brought to you by the Bank of Bogotá… Noticiero Promec Good night In the name of the Promec news team Jota Mario Valencia of the Colombian Association of Newscasters… Datos y Mensajes presents the Noticiero TV Hoy Good night Welcome to the Noticiero TV Hoy… Good evening In another… Telecentro presented the headlines that make news today in the final edition of Noti10 See tomorrow the most important information of the weekend in the Saturday edition of Noti10… Ladies and gentlemen Good night The strike in the hotel industry could be more complicated tomorrow if the union members of the Dupont Plaza leave their work Continues the big problems in boxing President of the fishermen of Vieques anticipates a clash between the people of Vieques and the US Navy What a Palo Viejo, what a Palo Viejo! Because when something is good all people say is a “palo” And the Blue Cross of Puerto Rico, the health plan of today and of the future presents The nightly Noticentro 4 with Guillermo José Torres, Luz Nereida Vélez and Luis Roberto Rigual in sports Ladies and gentlemen The union members of the Dupont Plaza Hotel could be on strike tomorrow if an agreement is not reached in the reunion…. Telemundo 12 Good night folks With all the enthusiasm that this splendid sunny day delivered to us…

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