World News Openings in the 90’s Part 1

The stock market takes a big hit of more than a 100 points, and what will Monday bring? This is NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw Reporting tonight from NBC News headquarters in New York Good evening All the dark economic news of the past week caught up for the stock market today It suffered its worst fall since 1989… Finished the debate between the candidates to the Presidency of Mexico postulated by the 3 parties with the highest number of members 24 Horas with Jacobo Zabludovsky A confrontation of exciting interest, that during 30 minutes has keep… Gustavo Bell will be the vice-presidential candidate of the Conservative Party Mockus is with Noemí Live explains why is in the vice-presidential ticket The guerrilla takes Santander de Quilichao At least 60 prisoners escaped from jail The police confirms that 5 agents are in the hands of the FARC The Colombian children changes the toys for weapons Research made by the Informativo Nacional (…) And on sports, América has difficulties but finished first in its group in Copa Libertadores We are the Informativo Nacional Good evening Gustavo Bell Lemus was designated by Andrés Pastrana as the vice presidential candidate of the Conservative Party… 24 Horas Good evening, welcome to our main edition Good evening Only 162 days away to the year 2000…. Good night These are the headlines of Telejornal Brasil… Good evening I’m Jim Lehrer On the NewsHour tonight Full coverage of the decision to take 2 diet drugs off the market (Update: Dangerous Diet) A look at what now in Bosnia with Senators Biden and Hutchinson (Focus: Keeping the Peace) And a report and a debate about bilingual education (Focus: Language and Learning) It all follows a summary of the news this Monday… Dear viewers, good evening At the beginning of the main journal With train, from Hungary into Croatia, 130 IFOR American soldiers have arrived… This will be the first year in Spain in which the number of deaths is higher than newborns 1990 will appear therefore in demographics indicators as the most glaring example of the ageing of our society Good evening Entre hoy y mañana Each time less children are born in Spain… Saddam Hussein reportedly moving chemical weapons to his frontline The White House says war could come at any time And the allied war machine in the desert awaits the word to go This is the CBS Evening News, Dan Rather reporting Good evening US forces are poised to strike in Iraq It’s the day after deadline… Hello, good evening These are the headlines of the main news that we will show you hereafter (Power vacuum) To end the crisis… Shell Chile and CTC presents Meganoticias Tragedy on the highway in Rancagua 7 dead persons in a crash between 1 car and 2 motorcycles (Irresponsability) Carabineros announced legal actions against communist leader of the Teachers’ Union Jorge Pavez Urrutia (Because of the fundrising) In the next hours President Aylwin will decide actions for the tracking to the President of the Supreme Court (End point) The Peruvian first vicepresident couldn’t travel to Lima The President Fujimori prohibited the landing of the plane (He came from Miami) 101 years turns the prominent painter Pascual Gambino There will be cake and candles (Difficult to ignite) Good evening As very serious slanders described Carabineros the allegations formulated by the plaintiff…

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