World News – The Electric Car Comes to Denmark, Israel & Japan

We believe that EV electric cars, in order to
be practical, convenient and affordable will require a network of charges spots and battery
switch stations. We’ve announced our first countries in Israel and in Denmark with a roll out that is now well underway. They have their first thousand EV electric car vehicles and people will come and see… that it works, it functions and it’s proper. Denmark is a a great start of Better Place’s
roll out across Europe. Here in Copenhagen we have the first EV
electric car network in the world.
Makes a lot of sense for Renault-Nissan… makes a lot of sense
for Shai Agassi and his team. Together with our partnership with Renault-Nissan, we placed an order for a hundred thousand cars.
We can move from being the smallest scale maker
of large gas guzzling cars… to the first maker of right hand drive EV electric
cars in the world, which I think is a huge opportunity Japan is a country where… you have to really show… concrete things, not just an idea. Taxis are a great way… to showcase… your environmental sensitivity. And we’re seeing… the mega powers… the Chinese,
the Americans, the French… actually taking their industries and taking their consumers to the future and the future in their case
is EV electric cars. This project is not just a dream, it’s actually a reality and it’s
happening as we speak right now around the world.

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  1. I`m waiting for goverments move, they wont give away tax from petrol … they will tax electricity so it makes prices higher and it will be this same to drive 100 km by gas or electricity

  2. I can't wait for this to come to Canada, very excited and glad to see Better Place making good progress. You guys are doing the right thing.

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