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Now… *dozens of countries are engaged in
the search for missing jetliner Malaysia Airlines Flight 3-70… as investigators have significantly
widened the scope of the search area. For this and other international headlines
we’re following… we turn to our Eunice Kim standing by at the News Center.
Eunice. We hear this search-and-rescue effort will now focus on an area reaching as far
as Kazakhstan… EK: That’s right. A significant shift in the
*nature of the investigation… to “suspicious”… as Malaysian authorities now say that evidence
points to someone *deliberately diverting the plane that fateful Saturday morning.
And the focus has shifted to the pilots flying the Boeing triple-7… given that an on-board
communication system and the transponder were shut off… prior to losing contact with Air
Traffic Control. Malaysian authorities say they are combing
through the background checks on all 239 people on board… including the two pilots, whose
homes were searched over the weekend. They did find a flight simulator at one of the
homes, which has been taken in for analysis. With this pivot, the 25 countries now engaged
in the search will have to scan a much wider suspected route… spanning over 11 countries
in Asia, to the north… and vast expanses of the Indian Ocean to the south.
Korea joined the search-and-rescue mission over the weekend with two military aircraft.
This as Syrian forces have captured the last remaining
rebel stronghold along the Lebanese border… according to the Syrian government.
The strategic victory comes as the stronghold had served as a supply line for the pro-Sunni
insurgency. Reuters reports militants from the al Qaeda-linked
Nusra Front had fought a fierce battle… as some 14-hundred rebels from the Free Syrian
Army and other factions had fled the region over the past two days.
Its resident population of 40-thousand had earlier fled, many to Lebanon. More than 100 people have been killed in Nigeria…
after Fulani Muslim herders razed three Christian villages over the weekend.
Nigeria’s Middle Belt has seen years of competition for land and water… between Christian farmers
and Fulani Muslim herders. The chief of Chenshyi village said gunmen
killed the pastor’s wife and children, and some 50 others in his village alone… adding
that another village to the south was set ablaze.
More than 100 were also killed last week… in similar attacks in nearby Katsina state. Beginning Monday… Parisians will be limited
to driving… on *alternate days… this as the French capital city has been choking on
pollution, almost rivaling that of Beijing. Paris saw particulate levels hit 180 microgrammes
per cubic meter on Friday… more than *double the safety limit of 80.
For five days and running… air pollution levels have exceeded safety levels, triggering
government officials to limit Parisians to drive only every other day.
Free public transport will continue to be offered, following its introduction last Friday.

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