World On Alert: more than 130 dead, some 6,000 cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

a case of the new corona virus is
reported in the UAE today first in the Middle East as a number of cases keeps
rising across the world China has agreed to invite international experts for help
Choi Jong un has our top story the new type of corona virus that first appeared
in ohan late last month continues to claim more victims as a Wednesday
morning more than 130 people have died in China more than a hundred of them in
who Han and the number of confirmed cases in China has soared to around
6,000 experts in China however say that the outbreak were likely to get worse
and spread at its fastest rate seven to ten days from now the World Health
Organization meanwhile will send teams of international experts to China to
help with research and to contain the outbreak Chinese President Xi Jinping
has expressed confidence that China will win the battle against what he called a
diamond virus the Chinese government puts the lives and health of the people
at the top of all priorities this time I have been personally directing and
deploying the epidemic prevention and containment work as long as we
strengthen our confidence help each other
adopt scientific measures and persist in precise policies we will definitely win
the battle against this outbreak the rest of the world is on the edge too as
a virus breaches more national borders cases have been confirmed now in at
least 18 countries and territories outside mainland China the latest of
which is a United Arab Emirates as for how the virus is spreading Taiwan in its
latest updates confirmed a secondary infection between husband and wife
the first known transmission between family members the infected wife had
returned to Taiwan from ohan and was under quarantine at home which it seems
as how she gave the disease to her husband Japan’s first confirmed patient
a mail bus driver in the 60s has never been to Oman himself but he drove two
groups of Chinese tourists from the city earlier this month
Germany is up to at least four confirmed patients the first of whom a German men
aged 33 did not visit China but was in a meeting with a Chinese woman
later turned out to be infected jong-un Arirang news

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  1. Please cancel all airplane flights from China an to China ☹️, also consider countries without corona virus to be still virus free country

  2. Its already too late folks. The virus is all over the world and since it can take 14 days for symptoms to appear, tens of thousands of people probably already are sick and spreading it more. In two weeks the world will be on LOCKDOWN

  3. is it not true? is it 130 ? I don't know what is the real news? I'm in India.. Kindly provide us true information

  4. China REFUSED help from the United States.

  5. J I would be very interested in seeing what the numbers in North Korea might look like? Because there are people who do go back and forth from country to Country

  6. U will shot down millions populations city only for 130 dead people no way it is bigger than that they don’t say about true what is reel number

  7. 130 in a month, will be double next month as 260 and will be 500 dead in 3 month👀, and i am sure in april when spring time arrive… the virus will fade away, just hang on!🤪☔

  8. Please send all infected people with Coronavirus to Thailand. Thai Government and doctors said they can take care of them. They have the right medicine. Thai authorities happily welcome the Chinese who now traveling to Thailand 3,000 people a day. 30,000 from the 5 million who escaped from Wuhan before the city lockdown. and also from the rest of the countries. they said not to panic It is just like the flu. 5 Chinese who were infected already recovered. The government said they can not close the border because there might be a conflict of trade relationship with China. Funny but true !! I am dumbfounded!!!!

  9. Solution

    Obey one god creator not creations of god and follow rules prescribed by god in his last holy book quran what is permissible to eat and what is forbidden.

    May Almighty give cure at the earliest to infected n effected ones

  10. It no longer matters where it originated, what matters is people of world working in unity to defeat this virus Remember United we stand decided we fall, I am hearing far more strength opptmism and tenacity coming from Wahun than the rest of the world. Perhaps report on the rate recovery.

  11. I feel like the news are downplaying the coronavirus. It's a lot worse than what the news broadcasts. It's infuriating. It's probably cause the mainstream news outlets don't want to divert attention from the Trump impeachment.

  12. Key Question…..not being answered or confirmed……is the virus asymptomatic? If it is….then screening at airports is wholly ineffective. Only a period ( 2 weeks?) of quarantine upon arrival in a country would work. But it seems we are still only "Screening" at airports and most govts are not taking this seriously enough. Asymptomatic transmission can increase the rate of infection 1000x faster than if it is not… what's the story here?….ANYONE?….. no one or no news agency is saying for sure. I find this lack of data digging incredible under these circumstances.

  13. It is only killing people that are close to death before they got sick and even then it has only killed close to 200 people, which is a very small amount compared to the number of infected people.

  14. 75 percent of deaths are people over 65. Around 20 percent is people aged 50-64. The rest could be young adults, children and adolescents. Which means that most people suffered from something else before they got the virus. Old people tend to have weaker immune systems

  15. Yeah I wonder if that's our Christmas present from rocket Man. Note cases in North Korea. Or Russia wonder if that's our Christmas present from rocket Man.

  16. China should allow people to connect to the internet and spread information about china, the information that comes from reporters isn't much to be believed

  17. WHO: yeah yeah it happens at the right time ~ it’s gonna affect millions of Chinese people.
    Chinese Gov: haha we let it affect the global and not we won’t accept any country vaccine we gonna make it ourselves to get money
    Me: F*ck u both ~ am moving to Mars tomorrow

  18. As usual the USA will save us all and still every one Will hate north America..
    By the way Huawei phones already have come with viruses

  19. don't worry everyone, soon Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer along with CNN and MSNBC will discover damning evidence that "Trump and Russia" did this 😉

  20. They are spreading this around the world 51 million people quarantine and they still flying around why hasn't America stopped airplane from coming from China

  21. They will spread it as much to demand and pressure for medicine development and most countries cannot stop flights from coming because every country is afraid to lose chinese market so wherever you may be protect yourself. We are in a time where gdp matters than lives of billions it’s the sad truth. So as early as possible disinfect you’re houses pack on mask 😷 avoid unnecessary travel/crowded places

  22. The chinese government will never give exact figures of affecred of virus. Remember one video has gone wild of a doctor it has now 90 000 to 100 000 infected and death 80 36 to 8050 .this is alarming … All must wear face masks.ok

  23. Why is no one talking about the air purifier from Finland that kills bacteria and viruses. They are being sold to China now on huge demand. I literally have seen 0 videos talking about this.

  24. 2 hospitals in 7 days, a ton of medical professionals being sent out to China, a quarantine on a city with a population of 1.1 million? Footage of packed hospitals, bodies in the hallways (which means the morgues are full), cases going unreported because the doctors are so overwhelmed with patients? and yet the media is saying that there's only 7,275 confirmed cases worldwide, and 170 deaths? Think about it. These numbers seem so fishy to me. I think this thing is a lot worse than the media is letting on

  25. The streets in all of the world's cities will be stinking of rotting flesh within a year . There won't be any one to pick up the millions of dead and the ones still living will only be in isolated places like Antarctica and islands without airstrips . Live your life to the fullest and sin your brains out and don't believe in any of the bible nonsense baloney.

  26. World on alert!!. Millions of American citizens now dead, constitutional rights violated, life!!, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Abortion, murder in America!!. Not newsworthy?

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