WSJ: Trump repeatedly asked Ukraine president to probe Biden’s son

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  1. Sleepy joe would be a fool to get on stage with trump!!!!! Even without Joe's slimy family dealings
    To and with???? ide takes him behind the wood shed lmfao n smd, dont loose
    Your dentures "JOE"!!!!!!!

  2. There is only an upside for Trump in all this… wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing was a Trump plan to give Biden's corruption the airing it deserves…

  3. Lmfao Trump is playing chess and all the snowflakes are in melt down over this to get dirt on him. Lol snowflakes good try Trump has played you guys again. Have a good day snowflakes.

  4. What I would like to know is … Who is leaking this precise count on how many times Our President is stating that he wants cooperation in regard to the "quid pro quo" firing of the Ukraine prosecutor. If it was Biden doing it to cover up his son's activities, we as voters need to know before a potential criminal is elected as president. And what is not being asked is: "Was Biden's son being appointed to the board of Burisma’s a "quid pro quo" for something from Biden, like helping un freezing of Burisma's London bank accounts".

  5. Shepherd Smith is so deceiving. Why don't you mention where the Russia dossier originated from?

    It was the Ukrainians. This goes deeper than your agenda driven reporting.

  6. Once Potus starts looking into a possible shady deal that a politician may have been involved in, the media says "See, the President is going after his political opponents". Now there's also a buzz about Booker and Harris possibly having conversations with Smollett around the time of his hate hoax. Now, Smollett did move in those political circles, so maybe nothing there. But what if the Trump admin mentioned that also, the media would say "See, the President is going after his political opponents". Is this why so many Dems got into the 2020 Presidential race? To be able to use it as political cover to hide their past deeds. Who knows, we'll see.

  7. This is such a Deep States crock. The President doesn't have to do anything to depreciate Biden. Biden is doing that to himself, all on his own. And just for the record. The President has every right to know what is going on in a country that he is going to have relations with. Cherry picking one conversation among many, in order to fuel the Anti-Trump agenda is not only corrupt, but an insult to real Whistle Blowers.

  8. Cuomo then asked, "So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden?"
    "Of course I did," Giuliani said.
    🤦This is just one of several "credible and urgent concerns" of our Whistleblower. We must indict THIS sitting "president", now!

  9. Joe Biden was videotaped bragging to a CFR audience about using US financial aid to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired while this prosecutor was investigating Biden's son. He was bragging, but now we see that he was also confessing. At a bare minimum, Biden should have recused himself from any such interaction, but in reality he threatened to withhold money unless he got his way and his son was allowed to escape investigation.

  10. Evidence of Trump working with foreign governments to investigate his opponent. Now Trump supporters can't deny this one so they can't chant "no collusion" anymore. Lol

  11. This is what Washington has become over many many years,, get a job or commission to help the people then just make yourself your friends and family rich from now on…DRAIN THE SWAMP MAGA !!!!!

  12. #1-The report said this wasn't a quid pro quo…#2-The report said there was no extortion….. sooooo what's the big story here? Trump is trying to investigate Biden's potential corruption which looks glaringly obvious as Biden pressured the Ukrainian government at the time to oust a prosecutor general (Viktor Shokin) who was doing an investigation on a company of which his son Hunter was a board member…I don't see the problem with that….it's certainly not illegal and we should get to the bottom of it. To top it off the supposed "whistleblower" on the other unsubstantiated claim about Trump's conversation with Ukraine's president is a partisan hack…. Something smells funny here with this entire situation and it's Biden and his son.

  13. Now it's clear why chump wants to run a against Biden….with manafort being in prison chump's trying to use the same tactics manafort used to get him into the WH to try to keep himself in the WH

  14. Good! Everyone will find out alot about Biden if he investigated. Biden is dirty. It's only as low as the Democrats went for over 2 years with our president. I see they don't like being fed a dose of their own cool aid. Poor Dems, if revenge is best served cold, there will only be 3 more years to have to endure. Or maybe 4 if we want to get technical. Because it's not like anyone on the left is halting their nonsense. It just goes to show that 2 can play at that game.

  15. President Trump is playing the fake news media. He's a lot of things, and being ignorant of bad press coverage is not one of those things.

    The simple fact is conversations over the white house phone are recorded. He is the president of the United States; if he truly wanted to twist someone's arm, why not simply fly there and do it in person?

    President Trump has nothing to worry about. He's an expert showman and he's simply setting up the fake news media to expect damaging results. He already knows any investigation on this will yield only negative results for the demonrats.

    He's got this 😉 TRUMP 2020!!!!

  16. So the Dem party and Obama weaponized the whole deepstate and media against trump with a made up 'dossier' because he was working for Putin?

  17. So, it took place in only ONE phone call -There's evidence about ALL phone calls  (Thank You, NSA.) And who was keeping count of the # of times during that one phone call that Trump supposedly "pressured the Ukraine President"?  Trump? (Hardly think so.) The Ukraine President? (Highly doubtful.) Then who???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….Did the Ukraine President say that Trump "pressured him Eight times in just One phone call?"   NO, he did NOT. So, who is it that is behind this latest defamation of character against our President Trump? How anyone can have anything to do with the Democrat Party – Now, That’s the REAL mystery.

  18. The Impeachable crimes are:
    1. Extortion.
    2. Conspiracy to commit Extortion with Rudy.
    3. Conspiracy to commit Campaign Finance Violationa with Rudy.

    After a week or two of denials Trump is going to throw Rudy under the bus calling him a "Bad Lawyer who got his client in trouble".

  19. It’s astounding how the central issue of “Biden corruption” is overlooked in the attempt to get Trump for any and everything.

    The hint of anything with Trump gets 24/7 attention. And, Hillary, Biden and other Dems get a zero accountability and attention from the media and justice system.

    I know there was propaganda in the media.! I did t realize it was only propaganda until today.


  21. One piece of advice would be CALL UKRAINE and ask them something anybody can do that but nobody did in this absurd rubbish story targeting an EU country with absurd fabrications Ukraine made a statement in July 2019 a very clear coherent statement made by the Ukrainian President saying that Ukraine does NOT INTERFERE with foreign election a very basic EU standard The US media also claimed Ukraine received funds from the US that’s a LIE ! They receive EU funding . Russia and Ukraine decided to strengthen communications a few weeks ago to promote a peaceful future something the US media missed but instead attacks a EU nation with absurd incoherent psychotic ranting something the EU are used to by now and completely immune to since it’s foolish and irrelevant

  22. Mexicans for Trump!!! Trump 2020, 2024, Trump Jr 2028 2032 and ivanka teump 2036.. you get what I'm laying here. Obama and Hilary behind bars 2020.

  23. The Republicans are always saying that this isn’t a democracy. Well, dummies, that’s not something to brag about, that’s kind of shameful. What is our Republic, then? It’s a slightly more permissive Oligarchy than Russia, run by rich scoundrels just like Russia. In grammar school, they told me that America is Good. And if it isn’t really so, I’d like to make it so. What does that mean, Republican base? It means that I want to get rid of You. Because America will never be good as long as you’re around.

  24. The swamp is never going to be drained because there's too many corrupted & greedy politicians involved to make that a reality! It's just lipservice cause he'd be getting rid of himself in the process! Anyone seen my tax returns i seem to have misplaced them!!

  25. He conveniently left out the part where biden threatened to withhold 1 billion in aid if ukraine did not fire the prosecutor investigating biden's son. This is bizarro world people!

  26. Jared Kushner, for the sake of any Middle Eastern understanding, please hand over negotiations better suited to someone else? Please..?? I beg of you!!

  27. Why not? Trump has to scream hypocrisy? Hey, Satan, your swinging hard but you arms are to short to box with God,,, you know your arch rival…

  28. Shep is a pole smoking fool. Good for Pres Trump. Story been out for yrs. Nothing wrong except Biden’s crooked cocksucking son.

  29. TDS!!! TDS!!! establishment media propaganda!!!don't worry!!! deep state will stick together!!!! they will protect the crooked corrupt demonRATs!!!!

  30. Another thing you republicans need to know when Biden made his threats that was US policy backed up by international policy. All of the conversations were recorded and back by US, international policy. But what do you folks know!

    But uranium one! Shep Smith has a good rebuttal. Shep on Fox will speak for me. Wanna see shep talk about anything? But…….but……..but…..deep state! Democrats control everything!

    I love it!

  31. Biden himself bragged about the whole thing, it s on tape. Don't we want to know about the details of it all? Of course we do. We are talking blackmail and personal profit here for god's sake.

  32. I see most of my fellow Americans don’t want to bite. It’s ok. The rest of America understands. The problem is that my left or central left has now became wayyyyyyyyyy! Left. Welcome to cause and effect. Now us lefties know a president can just do what they want. Oh boy! Oh boy!


  34. Sheppy
    1)- Biden on video is boasting how he gave 6 hours to the Ukraine government to fired a prosecutor

    2)- or he will stop the 1 billion USA dollars to the Ukraine government. And

    3)- he boast on that video.. 'and the Prosecutor was fired".

    That sounds like extortion to me.

  35. Cause and effect. Push and pull! Oh…..boy! I’m so glad you guys tied yourself to a east coast businessman. These are the guys we lefties work for! Shine on you law breaking folks! Guess what! Why are farmers the government cheese eaters?

    Btw, look up govern,ent cheese. That was another bailout to dairy farmers! Farmers are just another dealer. Deal crack or corn. Both work hard. Both need and want that government cheese.

  36. Sheppy I want to make a joke out of your investigative journalistic skills but why state the obvious. Sheppy should date Don Lemon because you both s*&k at your job. Is there a worst journalist of the year award. I would like to nominate Shepard Smith as the worst journalist year for being the worst journalist of the year for his work defaming our great president, the greatest president of all time. The Greatest President Of All Time Award goes to President Trump. I will change the nomination from the worst journalist of the year to the worst commentator of the year award since Sheppy is no journalist. He is a talking head that can not even verify any of his information properly much like Don Lemon another worst journalist of the year award nominee… I even understand the whistleblower is no whistleblower but a C_A spy making stuff up for his handlers the demonratic party in order to keep the impeachment BS going. Panic in DC and the Fake News is getting ridiculous!

  37. Hunter Biden was also fired at one time for having cocaine in his system..that could also explain Joe Biden's behavior.. If anyone is in bed with Russia it would be the man who honeymooned in Russia yes Mr Sanders.. And Pocahontas please just to funny.. Would have been nice to see our President have real competition in 2020 but Owell.. Trump 2020

  38. this needs to be done, just to make sure thing are done, WE the People want to Know the truth, Because we think there is a lot that the Biden's are hiding and we want to know all about the corrupt Biden and his son money make deals, be hide the American peoples back.

  39. Remember it was Joe Biden that blackmailed Ukraine into dropping an investigation into his son's "business dealings". Shep Smith thinks that's ok.

  40. I hate the way that during Fox News "Real News Hours" they sound just like all the other lame stream media fake news channels out there. And then when they are in their self proclaimed opinion hours they sound like a bunch bat sht crazy angry Dotards!!

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