WWE 2K20 News: FULL TRACK LIST! Recent Reveal & Date For Gameplay Trailer!

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel into some more WWE 2K20 and this is gonna be a quick update because
finally tomorrow we’re gonna be getting exactly what we’ve been waiting for and
that is the gameplay trailer for WWE 2k 20 so to not miss none of that make sure
that you guys are subscribed to the channel hit those notifications to check
out the outflow as soon as it happens during WWE NXT tonight WWE game sent out
a bit of an alert 2k 20 gameplay trailer dropped tomorrow and they gave us a
brand new screenshot of course showing off the Monday nitro arena and a
screenshot Becky Lynch making her entrance we don’t know the specific time
yet but it’s probably gonna be happening early in the morning just like all of
the other reveals so stay tuned for that again this is dropping on November 3rd
more than likely very early in the day and we’re gonna be having a full
breakdown of the trailer discussing any new features and it changes and
hopefully all the craziness that they ended up showing us I’m hoping that it
is similar to last year where they ended up showing off a lot of the craziness
with the Wyatt compound arena the Triple H zombie character the big head mode and
some of the wonky stuff in my career so again that is dropping in less than 24
hours from me making this video on November 3rd as for some other news that
I didn’t ended up covering just yet earlier on this week WWE games they gave
us the full list of soundtrack for this year’s game as you guys can see in the
list there’s a couple of good additions and some that you might not even know
because do keep in mind that there’s fans all over the world so they trying
to mix up a little bit of everything from Machine Gun Kelly post Malone banks
meals to Black Keys the misfits and so on anyways guys let me know your
thoughts down in the comments below and if you are excited for the gameplay
trailer to be dropping make sure to drop a thumbs up or maybe the gameplay
trailer already drop and you’re just watching this video so with that said I
appreciate it make sure to have those notifications turn on and we are on the
road to 200,000 subscribers much of tiao did you

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