WWE Shock Return LEAKED?! WWE SmackDown On Fox DISASTER! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2019

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We’ve got a packed show of news for you today, including Impact Wrestling’s head
of production leaving for All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan addressing the AEW TV deal in the
UK, and a potential disaster for SmackDown on Fox. You can jump to any of those time
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having big shows next week – not to mention Hell in a Cell next Sunday – as Raw also has
its SEASON PREMIERE with matches announced like Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio for the
Universal Championship, Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss, and the Raw return of Brock Lesnar.
Not only that, but it will also see the return of one of the biggest stars of WWE who truly
defiend the company for decades: pyro! It will also see the debut of WWE’s new
commentary line-up. It’s been rumoured for sometime now that
WWE were shaking up the commentary teams as Smackdown moves to being the A-show over on
Fox, with even some rumours they could return to the classic two-person booth. However it
would appear that is not the case, with WWE announcing yesterday the new commentary line
ups. As expected, seen as though it will be the
A show moving forward, the whole Raw team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
are moving over to Smackdown, while the red brand will have 205 Live’s Vic Joseph and
Dio Maddin, joined by Jerry “The Burger King” Lawler. Lawler might have to start
watching the shows again. But maybe not for too long, as Ryan Satin
is reporting on Pro Wrestling Sheet that “Lawler will likely only be used for a short period
of time on Raw,” adding that he could be replaced by Mickie James, who made her debut
on Main Event this week as a commentator. HARDCORE COMMENTARY.
And it’s not just next week that’s going to be a big one for WWE, as following Hell
in a Cell, we’re getting the 2019 Draft which will once again separate out the Raw
and Smackdown rosters. It’s been reported that a few surprises might happen on both
Raw and Smackdown, and one of those surprises might have been revealed.
As PWInsider are reporting that John Hennigan has re-signed with WWE.
The man of 1,001 names left WWE in 2011, where he was John Morrison after being named Johnny
Blaze and then Johnny Nitro. He wrestled on the indie scene under his real name, and had
a stint in Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo, before going to Impact Wrestling as Johnny
Impact. So maybe we can expect him to return to WWE as Johnny Sports Entertainment.
Johnny Pornhub left Impact Wrestling after Slammiversary when his contract expired. It
was reported that he was set to focus on his acting career, and there was some speculation
of an AEW role as he had a cameo in an episode of Being The Elite alongside his wife Taya
Valkyrie. But Johny Impact isn’t the only person to
have recently left Impact, and this person has gone to All Elite Wrestling.
Following the news that Impact Wrestling’s parent company Anthem had purchased AXS, which
meant Impact would air on the same channel as New Japan and Women of Wrestling, and the
announcement this week they were moving to Tuesday nights to fill the Smackdown shaped
hole in a prime time position of 8pm, it was reported that Vice President of Production,
Kevin Sullivan – no not that one – had handed in his notice to Impact and would be heading
to All Elite Wrestling. It was reported by POST Wrestling and SEScoops
that it wasn’t just Kevin Sullivan – no not that one – as several of his employees
through KevinSullyTV are also heading over to AEW to head up their production ahead of
Dynamite’s launch next week. It was initially reported as an AEW “raid”
of Impact, however it’s since come out that KSTV were trying to secure a new long-term
deal with Anthem, but a contract never materialised. This left the door open for All Elite Wrestling
to sign the services of KSTV – leaving Impact without editors, graphic designers, sound
engineers, video producers, voiceover studios and more. SEScoops’s sources have added
this was a “huge strategic move” by AEW, and it’s been “crippling” to Impact
ahead of their debut on AXS on October 29th. SEScoops also add there is a slight hint of
irony to this story, as when Anthem purchased AXS, they fired many members of their production
staff in Dallas and Colorado. They write, “Many very talented production people were
pushed out of their jobs. Now, Impact finds itself badly in need of very talented production
people.” Speaking of that Wrestling War, and the Wednesday
Night War kicks off officially next week as NXT fully moves to the USA Network, and AEW
Dynamite debuts on TNT. AEW have a big show planned with Nyla Rose vs. Riho for the AEW
Women’s Championship, The Elite vs. La Champion Chris Jericho and two CM Punks to AEW confirmed,
Hangman Page vs. PAC and more, while NXT have loaded their show with several championship
matches including Adam Cole vs. Matt Riddle for the NXT Championship, Shayna Baszler vs.
Candice LaRea for the NXT Women’s Championship, and Street Profits vs. Undisputed Era for
the Tag Team Championships, with Dave Meltzer reporting via Wrestling Observer Radio that
another title match could be announced, which could be Kushida vs. Walter for the United
Kingdom Championship, or Lio Rush vs. Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight Championship.
But remember, they don’t see AEW as competition. Last week’s NXT debuted to a really solid
number of 1.179 million viewers, and this week’s show again stayed over the 1 million
mark, but dropped slightly to 1.006 – which is about half of an average episode of Smackdown
Live. And WWE came under fire this week here in
the UK, when it was announced by Southside Wrestling – another UK-based wrestling company
shutting their doors – that their final show has had all of its WWE talent – including
Joseph Conners, El Ligero, Kay Lee Ray, Xia Brookside and Ilja Draganov – pulled from
the event, even though WWE had agreed to let them work the show.
Southside posted a statement on social media saying: “We asked permission in advance
and accepted all conditions. We have spent a small fortune on posters/flyers/banners
for the show which are now unusable… Although this is business we have personally taken
this badly. This was our goodbye and we wanted to say it with the stars who made us what
we are, our previous champions and most importantly our close friends.”
However seeing an opportunity to play the white knight, AEW’s Cody Rhodes posted on
Twitter yesterday: “Let me see if I can help.” Can’t imagine why he wants some
good PR here in the UK. But remember, AEW don’t see WWE as competition.
And speaking of trying to get good PR in the UK.
It was a rough day for AEW here in the UK, with ITV announcing that Dynamite will air
on their channels, but will be on at 8:20am on a Sunday morning – four days after the
show airs in the US and one day after PPVs – and an edited hour-long version on Monday
nights at 11:45pm. It’s incredibly disappointing, considering that Cody and Tony KHAAAN promised
earlier this year that their UK deal would be better than WWE’s.
It sparked an outrage from UK fans, who also didn’t like the alternative option that
you can watch the show live and unedited on Fite for $5 a month. It’s especially disappointing
as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he was hearing from UK advertisers
that the deal was in place for Dynamite to air live on ITV4, but the deal was changed
by ITV at the last minute. The reported reason for Dynamite not airing
live is down to advertisements. In the US, TNT will air 16 minutes of commercials an
hour, while here in the UK you’re only allowed to air 12. But as Oli pointed out on yesterday’s
news, that doesn’t really hold water when you can simply air channel bumpers and promos
in the other four minutes – which was also pointed out by Will Cooling, a British wrestling
reporter who has done a lot of work for the Wrestling Observer.
And now AEW’s Tony Khan has replied to Cooling’s report, saying that a better deal will come
soon. He said: “ITV is the best tv partner in the UK. They have great reach, great content
+ most importantly to me, they’re kind people, I enjoy working with them. It’s a coup to
bring the UK great weekly wrestling free to air on ITV. Now I’m trying to get it on
sooner in the week… We‘ve been working on it. We weren’t planning to announce at
all yesterday until a very nice gentleman from the ITV office got too excited & tweeted
incomplete information about Sun/Mon broadcasts already scheduled. I still expect a sooner
broadcast but glad we have these as well.” This ties into Meltzer’s report from Wrestling
Observer Radio, where he noted that he was told, Dynamite was also going to air on a
Friday night on ITV in a “good time slot”. It’s since been reported that ITV’s schedule
for AEW could change following Full Gear in November.
And it’s not just AEW who were dealt a TV blow, as it was reported yesterday via Deadline
that Dish is set to stop carrying Fox, the soon-to-be-home of Friday Night Smackdown.
This means that Fox – and crucially Friday Night Smackdown – will be available in approximately
12 million homes across 17 US territories, including wrestling hotbeds like Chicago,
Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and WWE’s home turf of New York. Not only
that, but millions more who subscribe to Fox via SlingTV will also lose Smackdown.
It’s now turned into a mud-slinging contest, with Fox launching a new website keepfox.com
which says, “Dish is at it again, choosing to drop leading programming as a negotiating
tactic regardless of the impact on its own customers. Dish elected to drop Fox networks
in an effort to coerce us to agree to outrageous demands.” Dish on the other hand have said
in a statement that Fox have have taken “profoundly anti-consumer” actions, saying, “Fox is
demanding a double digit percentage rate increase for continued carriage of its local channels.
Fox is also attempting to “force bundle” its local channels and unrelated cable networks
to get more money and gain negotiating leverage.” Business, business, business.
This is quite a blow to Fox and WWE, who are hoping their Friday Night Smackdown will become
their new A show – front-loading their season premiere with Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston
for the WWE Championship, a tag match featuring the Horsewomen, and Kevin Owens vs. Shane
McMahon in a ladder match with their careers on the line, as well as rumoured appearances
from The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. So much of a blow is this that WWE themselves
have joined the #KeepFoxOnDish campaign tweeting: “Attention DISH customers: DISH took FOX,
FS1 and more off your channel lineup. Don’t miss the premiere of Friday Night #SmackDown
on FOX! Visit http://KEEPFOX.com to find another provider today.”
You can hear Oli Davis’ report on the AEW TV deal balls up, as well as Laurie Blake’s
review of this week’s NXT by clicking the video on screen right now, and you can watch
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Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

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