Yes, Colleges Can — and Do — Rescind Admissions Offers

One question that comes up from time to time
in college admissions counseling is whether it’s true that schools sometimes revoke admissions
offers. It’s probably natural that some applicants
are skeptical about that scenario. It sounds like a college admissions version
of a bogeyman story, cooked up to keep high school seniors glued to their books and computer
screens throughout their final semester. But it’s true. And there’s some anecdotal
evidence that it may be becoming more common. There’s actually nothing new about a college
or a university contacting an admitted high school senior to ask what’s going on with
C’s and incompletes on a spring transcript. Schools have always reserved the right to
revoke admissions offers to applicants who fail to maintain their academic performance.
What is new, however, is that today’s record-setting applicant pools give admissions offices more
incentive to go through with these threats. At some schools, unexpectedly high applicant
yield has left officials scrambling to try to control the number of freshmen arriving
on campus in the fall. One way to trim the size of an incoming class
is to crack down on admits who have let their grades slide.
In addition, almost any school today has a long waitlist of well-qualified applicants
who will be only too happy to accept an admissions offer.
Colleges have little to lose by rescinding an admissions offer when they know they can
easily find someone else to fill the vacated seat.
This is yet another example of how today’s record-setting applicant volume is changing
the college admissions landscape. Whether you are planning to apply late or
early in the admission season or you just need some help with some pre positioning issues,
we’re here to help. Call us at 1.800.809.0800 to learn more about how AdmissionsConsultants
can help you maximize your admissions chances.

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