You Should Probably Break Up

Sad friend: Oh my God Dom! My boyfriend stood me up last minute to hang out with his friends again for the tenth time this week Dom: Hmm Dom: Maybe you should break up with him Sad friend: Oh my God dom my boyfriend keeps talking about other girls and comparing me to them Dom: hmm Dom: Maybe you should break up with him. Sad friend: (sniff) OH (sniff) MY GOD DOM (sniff) Sad friend: I walked in on two girls and an old bald man on top of my boyfriend on our four-year anniversary (starts to cry) Dom: Wow, amazing. It was almost as if there were no signs that foreshadowed this you dumb bitch Intro music (yay!) Dom: BREAK UPS AND WHY THEY AREN’T ALWAYS A BAD THING Yeah, yeah, I know valentine’s day wasn’t too long ago, and many people celebrated their love for one another and their partners But I feel like we got to give some attention to the not so healthy relationships And I’mma bet that a lot of you watching are probably in one. YEAH! That’s right! I’ll be inducing some breakups! Let’s go! (claps self) Random commenter: Oh my God, Dom that’s so heartless. Just because you’ve been through some bad breakups doesn’t mean other should too. Dom: So you’re saying that even though. They’re in a bad relationship Were either or both of them don’t feel any form of fulfillment or growth with their partner They should stay together for the sake of preserving a toxic relationship and avoiding a breakup Just because it’s a sad thing to happen Funny story someone actually contacted me one time is tell me that his girlfriend broke up with him after watching one of my videos And I just thought oh, that’s pretty unfortunate. Sorry dude but if she was so influenced by my stories to reflect on her own relationship And make a judgement based on that reflection then either she came to some sort of realization that you guys probably aren’t compatible or she failed to interpret my content as rhetorical and jump to a conclusion Without properly discussing it with you. To which I say good riddance my dude. You deserve better. I’m sure most of you I’m sure most of you have a friend or know someone who’s just honestly in a shit show of a relationship I commonly [see] this problem with my girl friends, friends whom are girls But guys also get their fair share of the abuse I empathize with them And I want to help because I’ve been in some pretty bad relationships, but I probably should have broken off sooner But since I was too stubborn to let it end early I wanted to keep giving second chances that weren’t necessarily deserved when my friends talk to me for advice I try to see both sides of the story even [if] I don’t have direct access to it I may try to give the other party the benefit of the doubt or try to come up with evidence of their benevolence Also Dom: Oh shit that was fire. I should write that down. Original Dom: because the friend is sometimes so clouded with emotion that they can’t think rationally but sometimes those friends don’t necessarily come to you for actual advice and are so fixated on their point of view on the relationship that they just need someone to spill their thoughts to but there comes a point where the rants just get ridiculous And you wonder why even stay with them? Why is this person worth fighting for?
Why not just break up? End the source of your misery. It seems like such an easy option, right? But I can understand why it can be so difficult to go through. I think deep down Those friends constantly asking for advice want to hear that option from a third party. Dom to friend: Why don’t you just break up? I think they need to hear that question because it’s at that point that they realize there’s only two options for them to choose from stay together or don’t. When presented with this ultimatum they’ll either realise that the good in the relationship over ways the bad and that we’re obligated to accept the flaws and others and in ourselves in order to respect each other and find balance or they realise that their partner is a worthless piece of shit and is undeserving of their love and if you’re wondering What some of those red flags are that tell you to probably get the hell out let me give you a little boost (point 1) they shoot down your self-esteem and make you seem like you’re not good enough for the world and assures you that they’re doing you a favor by being with you, and I you should be lucky to have them basically they force you to be dependent on them but make you feel worthless for doing so. (Point 2) They are possessive and deny your freedom to see your friends or talk to people in general. A lack of trust. But if their lack of trust is backed up by your history of being an unfaithful piece of shit then okay, you probably deserve it. (Point 3) They treat you differently between public and private situations. This applies to social media as well (Point 4) They pressure you sexually when you’ve made it clear the you’re not ready and feel uncomfortable. Fuck you Steve (Point 5) They find every reason to argue with you not to solve an issue. But for the sake of being right and to feel above you (Point 6) They dig up the past to use as ammunition in those arguments when you two have already moved on from those disputes (Point 7) They are stubborn and incapable of feeling remorse even when they are proven to be at fault (Point 8) They always aim to victimise themselves, so that you feel sorry for them and excuse their faults (Point 9) They are overly protective of their phones and conversations with other people They’re secretive about things they act suspicious without reassuring you of their loyalty or they’re probably planning you a surprise party (Point 10) Their words are inconsistent with their actions. (Point 11) They support trump (Point 12) They are unsupported of your dreams and ambitions and discourage you from pursuing them. (Point 13) The relationship feels too one-sided and unbalanced one of you is trying much harder than the other. But while not all relationships can achieve a perfect balance Surely you can tell when someone is lacking effort And the list goes on, there are dozens of other reasons that I can’t possibly cover. But if none of these apply to you, then you’re either in a healthy relationship or you’re single Congratulations, you probably couldn’t relate to this video. I’m sorry I understand that all relationships are case-By-case And by no means am I encouraging anyone to end theirs because their partner was late for that one dinner. Or you find out they don’t like fedo chinio alfredo I’m sorry for your loss but I am encouraging anyone who’s currently in a toxic or abusive relationship to build a determination to escape and relinquish your dependency on someone who doesn’t treat you with respect. Someone who doesn’t make you feel special because chances are someone else is out there Waiting for you to give them the opportunity to actually do so

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  1. I'm in a relationship where I feel trapped- that I can't get out of no matter how I feel. If I end the relationship with that person I feel everyone will hate me afterwards due to the fact that he/she is extremely popular between people giving no shits about why I did it.

  2. Thank you domics for showing me again that my ex-girl friend was a bitch for cheating on me like i was a toy and used any opportunities to suduce other guys when i was busy and say that im too busy and boring i don't think i can love anymore but you did help me.

  3. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  4. I’m single and I’m good one ☝🏾 day love Will happen for me but I’m enjoying it while I can 😌👌 also fuck trump

  5. All of these red flags showed up in my mother’s relationship and she wanted to break up with him but he used HAVING CHILDREN as a tool against her and would often threaten to either kill me or her parents

    Edit: I forgot to mention that my father cheated on my mother and would beat her with a chair

  6. “they find every reason to argue with you. not to solve an issue, but for the sake of being right and feeling above you” OOF MY EX DID THAT TO ME


  8. "Most of you are in one rn"

    Me: boi I ain't in one 😑

    My mind: you sure?

    Me: maybe I should Google it to see the signs of a bad relationship

    Me: (Google's)

    My mind: no stop!!

    Me: why?

    My mind: google is always wrong about personal stuff like that

    Me: oh…

    Don't Google personal stuff like that Google is always wrong about it

  9. Yes, I know someone who is in a relationship and since they are my enemy, I am rooting for their breakup

  10. This is all good, but sometimes toxic relationships are more addictive that opiates and no matter how many times you try and quit, you'll come back.

  11. I really don't see how "they support Trump" counts as a red flag. I'm not a Trump supporter, and I could care less if someone else does. It's not my business who supports who politically.

    Politics should never factor in a relationship. That's just how I roll.

  12. but if your partner is always interrogating you and wanting to see your phone then there's another factoid as to why you should terminate the relationship, they don't trust you.

  13. It’s because I kept giving “2nd chances” I was in a 5 year relationship…I was shitty too tho so it was on both of us. But ended on good terms in the end, communication is key

  14. The Trump part was a bit unnecessary & not really always the case. (Nor proven) unless it's a joke, if so then it's not a good one.

    Either way, still a good video. Good job. 👍

  15. Injecting your political beliefs dude? Really, was that necessary?
    I used to enjoy your work now that kind of thing just comes across as sad, childish and disappointing.

  16. I cried a lot when I was with my ex , he acted rly rly differently online , he kinda pressured me sexually , but when I was with him I felt happy and he was just so darn adorable . We broke up and I’m still rly upset , should we have broke up ?? I know we probably should’ve but I need to hear why because my friends don’t listen

  17. Know what just cause I didn't relate to this video I appreciated it because it makes me feel a little better about being single

  18. i broke up with my ex boyfriend or 4 years. He pressured me, abused me, but he made me feel like i am nothing without him. Shane was his name. FUCK YOU SHANE LITTLE BITCH IM BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOUR BITCHASS

  19. I’ve never been in a relationship but this helped with my friendships (a little too late for some but helped with others)

  20. Who is the friend that hasn't dated while almost everyone in the vicinity has, and silently judges relationships, especially if those that keep breaking up and getting back together, and whose relationship status might as well be complicated? And those that keep whining at u over their SO, despite ur advice being ignored to the point u don't care? I know I am 🙋🏻‍♀️

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