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  1. i love how the mainstream media is calling youtube fake news. when all the major news channels now are nothing but THAT fake news!!!

  2. YouTube…if this is your plan then you should just make a second app YOUNEWS or YouTube news addition. That's a more logical idea.

  3. YouTube doesn't consider Pew News as a news channel because Pewds puts the video in gaming category instead of news or something.

  4. Unbelievable how some people think that they have the right to say whatever they want BUT FOR WHATEVER REASON they are not to be questioned or debated with. Excuse me but we are not part of tribes any more. We are allowed to question whatever the fuck we want. Just like pewds said: If you don't like criticism, don't make public statements.

  5. Kinda ironic how they're giving $25 mill to a heavily bias "news source" with its own agenda and horrible "journalism". I think YouTube is run by a bunch of people who seem not to care for the majority of CREATORS (or current creators) and would rather change the entire image of y9utube which is why it is as famous as it is now
    (This is not saying that pewdiepie should get that because that's not poppy Harlow or Gloria Borger 😉 )

  6. he's not hoarding money and resources but everything he does is subsidized by the government so it's not like he's a saint.

  7. its sad that Pew news is more reputable then VOX, I mean like PEW NEWs is just meant as a joke but it tells me more things then Vox does. I get to know whats going on and with Vox all they want to tell me is "why am I a terrible person, because I'm a male"

  8. People with money are ridiculed for not caring about us normal people especially out of their country and once they try to do something with their wealth or power then they're damned for being too charitable or for attention or not doing enough. People will never be happy.

  9. To be honest though,
    Pew news, all memes aside, is actually quite a good news source with interesting opinions.

  10. Hank Green sounds like a real pain in the ass to work for. I'd rather work for Jessica Price… working for a pedantic bitch is better than working for a spineless wimp who treats his company like a spiritual circle jerk. They're not sharing their special talents with you, Hank…. most of them are just stealing bandwidth to download porn while they run down the clock.

  11. The reason why people don’t think people with large influence should respond is because its a thing known as punching down where is seems like you are using your influence to absolutely rek a less influential person.

  12. Youtube's mainstream propaganda isn't working as much as they would like so they rigged it even more and threw a bunch more money at it

  13. How dare Elon try to use his millions of dollars to help those kids

    What a monster

  14. I've heard people call Elon white privileged for this! He's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.. Of course, white, straight, cis men are the oppressors of the world so they should just hide in a cave and not do anything… but then they wouldn't be helping either…. they should just not exist at all then I guess..

  15. Hold back my comments cat? Huh? My life has been a square hole while I had a circle analogy for years ILL JQM MY COMKENTS INTO YOUR CHATTER BOX ONE WAY OR THE OTHER CAT☝️👇☝️ AND YOULL LIKE IT . IF I GOTTA BE A D… ABOUT IT I WILL

  16. At 2:32 the subtitles say "pewds has a stroke" when clearly it is Poppy Harlow who had a stroke. This is sexism.

  17. YEEES, thank you wise and nice guy Pewdiepie for explaining the point of social media to people, even my comment will probably get replies by other people, but that's because I made the decision to PUBLICLY comment here, as you do on Facebook or Twitter…

  18. For the cave rescue the reason Elon musks machine didn’t work is that it was to big and it wouldn’t fit through the twisty narrow cave routes. Instead they used scuba gear to get them out. I know this information because my dad is the commander for the 353 SOG on Okinawa this information above probably makes no sense right now but, tialand actually asked my dad if the squadron was able to deploy here to to help with the cave rescue and without the Americans help they would have just died. I was very disappointed you didn’t add that information in it but I like how you did put that news in there. They have a book out on it and there making a movie on it a Netflix original. Thank you!

  19. I hate Susan so much. She has single handily ruined this website. She blocks anything that's conservative. She picks on small channels that don't have a voice by not giving them their play buttons or taking away their ads, and she lets people put false claims on videos and get money from it.

  20. Honestly, I would more likely believe new on Pew News than actual news sources sometimes (or most of the time?) because instead of made-up stuff (fake news) that shifts my opinion on thing negatively when it's not real or overly exaggerated… idk XD

  21. pewds failed to mention that elon musk called some of the men helping the kids out of the caves as 'a pedophile'

  22. that is one of the most selfless things elon could have done. if u think that he shouldn't have done that, ur f*ck*ng wrong and shut the f*ck up

  23. Jessica Price:Like, the next rando asshat who attempts to explain the concept of branching dialogue to me–as if, you know, having worked in game narrative for a fucking DECADE, I have never heard of it–is getting instablocked. PSA.

    Me: No u, bitch.

  24. I'd say if a man wants to help and has the resources to do so let him do it no matter what. He is offering help just that should be respected. Also love Pew News needs to be a legit news company.

  25. pew Charged max% tax on that and youtube 90% for and referred it to a tribunal they lost120% plus costs
    loss making toss offset to tax and Alphabet. net loss undisclosed

  26. Elon: Pauses important projects to help 12 kids trapped in a cave.
    Everyone else: Stoopid Elon.
    Everyone that isn’t Everyone: What the fuck?

  27. Why people complaning abput that? Did they do something about thai cave rescue? I think not, atleast ellon try to savw them and it works, even if its for promoting him, the point is, HE TRIED. And this people is moron

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