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– And what’s the
difference between I guess performing live and
performing on ‘The Four’? – I mean, it was pretty similar, except like, you have the
pressure of you could go home. (laughs) – Why did you even decide
to go on ‘The Four’? – Honestly, I wasn’t even
planning on going on ‘The Four’. Before I went on ‘The Four’,
I was working on my own EP. I was going to the studio to record a demo and they were having auditions there. My manager was just like, “You
should just go meet them.” I was like, “I don’t wanna
audition for any show.” So then I was like, “Okay,
I’ll just sing for them.” I sang for them and they really liked me and they kept calling him and telling him, “Tell her to come on the show, tell her to come on the show.” And when I found out
the panel was more urban and that’s what they were looking for, I was like, “Okay,
that’s more in my lane.” I feel like usually they go for pop, so it fit me more. – You worked along side
some of the biggest names, Diddy, and Khaled, did you
learn anything from those guys? – The overall message I got from them was just to be true to
myself as an artist, which I feel like is really important. Everybody’s unique and everybody has something different about them and it’s good to preserve that. I feel like it definitely like kind of woke me up, like how
competitive the industry is. – Oh really? – Obviously, being an
artist is way different than, you know, being
a competitor on a show. But, you just kind of always
have to be on top of your game. – Absolutely. What was life like after
you got off the show? – After the show, I
mean, it was pretty crazy because, you know, the show
gave me a lot of exposure and I gained a huge
following on Instagram. Before I was on the show, I only had like, 2000 followers, and nobody really knew me for my music because I didn’t really
post about it that much. But like, after the show, I was
almost at like three million and I got a lot of support and love and it really meant a lot. I feel like nowadays, social
media, like, is your career. So, if you’re not on top
of your social media, then you don’t have a career. – You know what Zhavia, I feel like I’ve known you for years after listening to the single “17”. It’s like, very autobiographical. Was it hard revealing some of the things that you talked about? – Yeah it was because
when you’re writing a song that’s really personal, you
don’t wanna cross the line of sharing too much information, but at the same time, you still wanna give your story in a detailed way to where your fans can relate to it if they’re going through the same thing. I wanted people to know what
happened behind the scenes ’cause when I was on ‘The
Four’ and when I got off, I think people just
thought, like, that was it. – That was it. – It blew up, you know? But there was still a lot going on and a lot I had to work for. – There’s a line in the
chorus, you talk about your life has changed. What has changed for you so far? – Well, I mean, you know, I’m really blessed to be able
to support my family now. Just me being able to live my dreams and you know, be a singer
and inspire my fans and the world through
my music is an honor. – Absolutely. And I saw that you tweeted
that you write a song a day. Is that the goal? Is that the process? – Yeah, that’s the goal. For a while, I was
writing like a song a day. Sometimes it can be a
lot, but I’m starting to get back into the studio. I’m gonna be working on my album now after this comes out. – What can we expect, and
how do you balance the EP from the album as far as what records do you save for each project? – Well, when I was making my
EP, I had like a lot of songs that I had written to choose from. I just picked the songs that I felt like my fans would love the most. Some of them are love songs, some of them are just experiences
that I’ve had, you know within the past few years
of blowing up and all that. It’s just kind of like a
recap of the last two years of my life, and then of course “17” is about my whole journey
and how I got to where I am. (“A Whole New World” by
ZAYN and Zhavia playing) – You also connected obviously with ZAYN for the ‘Aladdin’ soundtrack. How did that come about? – It was pretty crazy because my manager just got an email out of
nowhere from ZAYN’s manager just saying, “ZAYN picked
you to sing the female part for the duet,” and if I wanted to do it. And at first, we didn’t
really like think it was real because it’s easy for someone
to just send you an email, you know, or like prank us or something but
when I found out it was real, I was like, “Wow, this is crazy.” I didn’t expect that at all, like it just kinda came out of nowhere. That song is such a big part of history and you know, I feel really honored to be singing on the newer version. I’m gonna be able to show my kids that version when I’m older. – That’s a flex right there. – Yeah. – That’s awesome. I notice you don’t like
to be boxed in as like a singer or a rapper. You’re almost fluid when
it comes to your music. – Yeah, I mean, I like
to say that every feeling has a different sound, so all of my songs are gonna sound totally different. But, what keeps it cohesive is like, my vocals and me as an artist.

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  1. Omg love you zhvaia keep going😍😍😍😍 my dream is also to be artist and you motive me hop i met you one day in real life

  2. Sometimes I feel like Zayn and Zhavia are two sides of the same coin. Like Zhavia is the female version of Zayn and vice versa. I think they have so much in common.

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